Smart PL/SQL Formatter functionality

Save time, effort, and enforce common coding standards with PL/SQL Formatter. The tool allows developers, DBAs, and analysts to significantly enhance their scripting abilities.

One can also benefit from the vast code snippets library, advanced IntelliSense-style code completion, and automatic PL/SQL syntax check. With dbForge Studio for Oracle, you can get this functionality along with other useful and valuable database management features. The PL/SQL Formatter functionality grants a unique possibility not to compromise on code quality:

  • beautify your PL/SQL code in a few clicks
  • quickly locate syntax errors
  • access information about schema objects instantly

PL/SQL Formatting

Stop writing and formatting PL/SQL code by hand! The Oracle SQL beautifier tool allows developers to spend more time troubleshooting than manually formatting and tidying their code.

Use dbForge Studio for Oracle to:

  • customize and share formatting styles
  • establish common layout and coding standards within your team
  • cut scripting time
  • make code reviews more efficient.
dbForge Studio for Oracle - PL/SQL Formatting

IntelliSense-style autocompletion

The PL/SQL beautifier tool built-into dbForge Studio for Oracle dynamically analyzes the code you are writing and provides context-sensitive prompts with the most relevant keywords and even phrase suggestions. All you need is just to select the required value from the list and press Enter.

Stay fully focused on the task, letting the tool handle autocompletions for you!

dbForge Studio for Oracle - IntelliSense-style autocompletion

Code snippet library

Code snippets are frequently used standard pieces of code that you can insert into your script when working in dbForge Studio for Oracle. You can use the predefined snippets provided by the PL/SQL code formatter tool and/or create your own ones to insert in SQL scripts and queries.

Code snippets make it easier to enter repeating code chunks empowering developers, DBAs, and analysts to get more coding done in less time.

You can easily manage code snippets through a comprehensive Snippets Manager designed to facilitate your PL/SQL coding and boost productivity.

dbForge Studio for Oracle - Code snippet library

Syntax check

Oracle SQL beautifier that comes with dbForge Studio for Oracle offers customizable syntax highlighting and automatic syntax check.

The elaborated Syntax check option helps reduce mistakes and produce reliable, mistake-free code. It can notably reduce the time spent on checking and validating PL\SQL code. All the errors detected as you type PL\SQL commands in the SQL editor are highlighted. If you place your mouse pointer on the error, you will see the error explanation in the tooltip.

dbForge Studio for Oracle - Syntax check


dbForge Studio for Oracle can boast powerful formatting features. With the IDE, you can benefit from advanced code completion options, enjoy an extensive code snippets library, get your PL/SQL syntax in Oracle checked in seconds, and much more. All this functionality is provided by default in dbForge Studio for Oracle along with many other valuable database management tools and features. Give it a try!

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