How Ângelo César Santos de Carvalho increased his productivity by 85% with dbForge Studio for Oracle

Angelo Cesar Santos de Carvalho

About the customer

Ângelo César Santos de Carvalho is an independent consultant in Oracle databases management. Also, he has extensive experience in SQL Server, with knowledge of PostgreSQL and MySQL database support. César is an active contributor to the Oracle community and a member of the Oracle ACE Program. This program rewards specialists for sharing their knowledge and expertise. César has the ACE Associate status given by the Oracle Program.

Challenges faced

According to César, he experimented with several tools for managing Oracle databases, but none of them lived up to his expectations. He found that executing queries and checking structures in different databases was difficult and time-consuming with the tools he tried. None of them could fully meet his needs or simplify his daily tasks by automating some of the work. As a result, César needed to resolve such issues:

Automate the execution of routine operations
Use tools with special features to improve efficiency
Have tools with similar and simple interfaces

Furthermore, he encountered issues with the tools' interface being unintuitive and the performance was unsatisfactory. As a result, César spent time searching for a better solution, but was unable to find one that suited his requirements.

"...fortunately, I found a light tool to administer databases on a daily basis."
Ângelo César Santos de Carvalho
Ângelo César Santos de Carvalho
Database Administrator

Results achieved

increased productivity

César was able to elevate his database administration process thanks to the sophisticated features of dbForge Studio for Oracle. The tool not only allowed for the automation of certain procedures, freeing up César's time, but also made his routine work easier and more enjoyable. The result was a more satisfying experience.

Key features César is excited about

Intuitive interface

The first thing that users will notice when they open dbForge Studio for Oracle is its user-friendly interface. The interface is clear to understand, making it simple for even new users to quickly start working with the tool.

Ease of work with Oracle databases

With dbForge Studio for Oracle, managing the structure of Oracle databases becomes a breeze. This reliable tool allows users to effortlessly carry out tasks such as comparing data, synchronizing databases, scheduling sync tasks, generating comparison reports, and even designing databases with ease.

Query Profiler

Slow-running queries can lead to latency and negatively impact performance. To combat this issue, dbForge Studio for Oracle provides the Query Profiler feature. With this functionality, users can easily identify slow statements, analyze them, and optimize them for better performance. Additionally, the Query Profiler allows monitoring session statistics and detecting potential performance bottlenecks.

dbForge Studio for Oracle

All-in-one Oracle GUI tool for successful database management

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