How AREMIS SA started to save 70% of the time spent on database comparison and synchronization


About the customer

AREMIS is a leading European provider of consultancy, services and technologies for managing property and work environment.
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Challenges faced

The company's goal is to provide the right Integrated Workplace Management Systems and Facility Management Software to help other businesses to manage their workplaces and space occupancy with the best efficiency.

The workplace issue became more prominent during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is where AREMIS took up a new objective: to ensure the safety and health of people who have to return back to the workplace.

This meant even harder work, which exposed the challenges that the company had with database management, including lack of convenient tools and a need for increased productivity. The solution was found in dbForge Compare Bundle for Oracle.

Lack of powerful up-to-date tools that would support the latest database versions
No means for upgrading custom database schemas to newer versions
Comparison of data and schemas, as well as SQL query generation on the fly
"According to our estimate, we save about 70% of the time we previously needed for the same work, and with fewer tools. And most importantly, employees are happier. We can work faster, with better quality, and reduce costs."
Frederic Cornu
Team Leader at AREMIS SA

Results achieved

Saved time

Frederic's team used the Compare Bundle mainly to compare schemas from various customized versions of their products. The tools helped them generate change scripts (for both data and schemas) to ensure more flexible and upgradeable customization of their databases. And of course, it became easy to log every change that has been made to any database schema.

Key features Frederic is excited about

Flexible Comparison of Oracle Schemas

Schema Compare became the primary tool of the two, with its broad capabilities that help to find and report differences in a wide array of database schema objects, as well as analyze the impact of changes made.

Fast & Easy Comparison of Data

Data Compare proved to be just as invaluable for fast comparison of table data and easy management of results. Rich compatibility and CLI-based task automation of both tools were also noted.

SQL Script Generator

Besides easy setup and comparison of the requested data and schemas, Frederic noted convenient generation of scripts in the correct order as a major advantage of dbForge Compare tools; prior to them, Frederic's team did not encounter other tools that could do the job right. Now their SQL scripts can be easily customized and applied to the target database.

dbForge Compare Bundle for Oracle

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