How Engendra Serviços Ltda improved the data connectivity speed and boosted the overall performance of its solutions using ODAC


About the customer

Engendra Serviços Ltda is a Brazilian software development company that specializes in smart solutions, high-quality management systems, electronic invoicing, and Oracle database consultancy for businesses. Among the most well-known products built by Engendra Serviços is SINC, a business management system that supports NFe and provides an easy and secure way to handle electronic invoices, sales management, purchase, accounting, bank control, and stock.
Product used

Challenges faced

Engendra Serviços Ltda team was looking for a secure and reliable way to get data from a bank about payment statuses and details into their database. They chose the ODAC tool for this task, as it assisted them with the following challenges.

The stability of the connectivity solution is essential for businesses that want to increase the number of users without sacrificing quality.
Ease of use is important when it comes to understanding various data types and connectivity specifics, and ODAC significantly saves time.
Reliability is crucial when passing financial data from one source to the other. Failing to be reliable can ruin one’s reputation in business.

The team occasionally faced errors and inconsistencies, so they considered turning to ODAC as a reliable and intuitive connectivity solution that covered all Oracle features. Engendra Serviços also wanted to try the tool in action before making a final decision, and were able to do so successfully.

"I've been using ODAC for so many years that I can't stop comparing it to other tools. You have thought of everything, I would not have suggestions for improvement at the moment."
Vanderlei Cechin
Systems Analyst at Engendra Serviços Ltda

Results achieved

High performance of connectivity

The ODAC components library doesn’t require extra data provider layers, ensuring high data transfer speeds and ultimate security, which is essential for any operations with sensitive business data.

Saved time and resources

With ODAC, it was possible to access Oracle-specific features, such as packages, pipes, DML arrays, and many more, right away. Building a unique connectivity solution would have cost the team a lot more in terms of time spent on development and deployment and resources used.

Maintaining the quality standards

Engendra Serviços Ltda's clients praise its high-quality services, so it was essential for them to find a connectivity tool that would match their strategy for preserving quality. For Engendra Serviços Ltda, ODAC components stood out from other solutions due to their immense reliability and priority support.

The ODAC components have become a valuable asset for Engendra Serviços Ltda, providing its development team with a fast and easy way to install packages and benefit from increased speed, improved connectivity performance, and ultimate support for the Oracle database.

Key features Engendra Serviços is excited about

Database compatibility

Engendra Serviços Ltda prioritizes adherence to new technologies while striving to maintain the high quality of solutions. That’s why it’s important for them to know that ODAC components support the latest Oracle database version and are compatible with the most popular IDEs and development platforms.

Performance improvement

The team was working on a way to accommodate the increased number of users while preserving performance. The ODAC components library is known for assisting developers in building lightweight data access layers and letting them use optimization techniques that can boost overall speed and performance.

Data type mapping

One of the challenges was to maintain consistency when working with different types of sensitive data, and the accurate data mapping feature provided within ODAC components came in handy, completely covering this need.


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