Viterbo University automates data migration between Dynamics 365 and an internal system using ODBC Driver for Dynamics 365

Viterbo University

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Viterbo University is a Catholic, Franciscan university that offers its students to choose from a wide range of disciplines, including natural sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities. The university educational programs focus on providing its students with a solid background in the liberal arts together with in-depth knowledge in the chosen fields.
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Challenges faced

The university admission process included a lot of document management routines. The department needed to pull the online applications from Dynamics CRM and transfer the data into the dedicated internal system for further processing. At some stage, the admission office had to export all PDFs manually and then upload them into the document management system, every day.

After searching on the Internet, the IT team of Viterbo University chose Devart’s product – ODBC Driver for Dynamics 365. The primary reason was the overall user-friendliness of this solution – it is easy to install, connect, query, and extract the data.

Automate file transfer between the systems
Integrate the functionality into the existing solution
Reduce the need for manual actions, save time and money
It helps with our Admissions process and allows us to communicate better/faster with students and get them admitted into the university... Saves time so we can work on other more important projects.
Mary Mormann
Mary Mormann
Lead Programmer
Viterbo Devart Success Story
Viterbo Devart Success Story

Results achieved

Improved efficiency

The company uses Devart ODBC Driver for Dynamics 365 to pull data from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM and then push it into the Document Management System for the university applications, letters of recommendations, signups for on-campus visits, and supplemental items for the application. This ODBC driver ensures a secure connection, which is a requirement for the university data handling procedures.

They use both the local ODBC connection for development and the server connection for the SSIS – SQL Server Integration Services package that runs automatically to pull data. As a result, the manual operations that demanded a lot of human operators’ time and concentration became automated. This allowed the company to save time and effort significantly, focusing on more essential jobs instead.

Key Features Viterbo University is excited about

DML operations support

The ODBC Driver for Dynamics 365 allows the users to apply the standard commands – INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE. This way, the company can handle Dynamics CRM data in the same way as in SQL databases.

Unicode support

The driver is fully Unicode-compliant. Thus, the team can pull multilingual data and process it correctly. It is vital for the university admission system and other daily jobs. The Latin, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Chinese, and other charsets are supported.

Easy to install

The solution is a single installation file. It does not require any installing, deploying, and configuring any other clients or libraries. This way, the ODBC Driver for Dynamics 365 helps the users save the deployment costs.

ODBC Drivers

Compatible with any ODBC-compliant tool

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