How Hertz increased Oracle Database communication efficiency by 97% with ODBC driver for Oracle

Hertz Israel

About the customer

Hertz is one of the largest vehicle rental companies in the world. The company’s online platforms let customers book rentals and pay for them quickly and easily. Nearly 38,000 employees serve millions of customers at 11,500 locations in more than 170 countries.
Product used

Challenges faced

Each year, the franchise rents upward of 500,000 vehicles at 19 locations staffed by professional and experienced teams. To fulfill customers’ needs and requirements, these teams must have access to the IT systems supporting car rental, including a customer relationship management (CRM) database, web servers, and an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Database Server underpin most systems.

The connectivity to the Oracle database that the company had been using before was not working correctly. The connection using the ODBC driver of a competing product was unreliable, and users experienced disconnections from the application. The company needed to keep its critical systems available so the business could move forward. Without such a level of reliable and effective product, it risked customer satisfaction and revenue.

Thus, the company needed the following:

A simple and easy connectivity tool
Reliable and simple to use data connectors for ODBC data sources
High-performance connectivity solution with enterprise-level features for accessing Oracle databases
"As long as the product makes connectivity between the server and the Oracle database efficient and without downtime, I can sleep well when the company's business processes work well. My daily work routine is such that I don't have to touch or maintain the product; it just works."
Asaf Frid
IT Manager at Hertz

Results achieved

increased effectiveness

When the product is reliable and efficient and provides a simple and easy solution, the functional continuity of the company can be maintained. While the Oracle ODBC driver works efficiently without downtime and maintains functional continuity, customers can enjoy high-quality service.

Key features Asaf Frid is excited about

Reliable data connector

Oracle ODBC driver allows different ODBC-aware programs to connect directly to Oracle Server and Oracle Cloud through TCP/IP, without the need for Oracle Client.

Simple connectivity

The driver fully supports the ODBC interface, its features, and data types. Any ODBC-compliant desktop or online application may connect to Oracle from a variety of platforms thanks to its extensive connection string parameters.

Performance connectivity

Using features like local data caching, connection pooling, and other features of this driver, every Oracle process becomes much quicker.

ODBC Drivers

Compatible with any ODBC-compliant tool

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