How an independent specialist achieved 100% development quality with dbForge Studio for SQL Server

Vladimir Kocic

About the customer

Vladimir Kocic is an individual developer operating in telecommunications. He produces various digital transformation solutions according to his customers’ needs.

Challenges faced

Vladimir Kocic was working on a new digital document archive. This task involved specific challenges:

Ensure 100% correct spelling when creating/editing tables
Keep track of code snippets
Quickly validate the design and visualize the result

The tools in possession could not guarantee the required level of performance. After trying several other solutions, Mr. Kocic finally settled on dbForge Studio for SQL Server due to its convenient GUI, compatibility, and a complete toolset covering all the necessary tasks.

"It allows me to have all the resources in purposeful folders for quick access, GUI for very fast table creation, and data explorer to quickly edit small portions and troubleshoot potential issues... It is an essential tool for development. It's no longer an optional choice."
Vladimir Kocic
Lead Data Analytics Specialist

Results achieved

Accuracy of database development

The customer uses dbForge Studio for SQL Server to design the database architecture, create customized views for dashboards, design and redesign features along with their functionality. As a result, it became much easier to make the software backend based on the SQL Server database and ensure its appropriate performance.

The end-users of that archive solution got the possibility to expand the features essential for them. Therefore, they could achieve their goals faster, easier, and more conveniently with the new tools.

Key Features Vladimir Kocic is excited about

Visual table creation

This feature lets you set the table properties in a visual format and rebuild tables after significant changes. You can also edit the table scripts directly in this tool if you prefer manual coding. When you change the database objects, you can preview all changes before applying them.


The Database Explorer feature provides the advanced capabilities for simple creating, editing, and dropping views. Also, it allows retrieving and modifying the View data rendered in the grid-based editor. Developers can browse and edit the View data the same way as the table data. A separate View Generator feature gets the necessary column data from the table/view.

Intuitive GUI

The graphical user interface of dbForge Studio for SQL Server can be used when teaching database development to beginners. Due to its intuitiveness, the solution is invaluable for beginners trying to master the basics of database development and management. Visual tools help the users perform all tasks much faster and without errors.

dbForge Studio for SQL Server

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