How Fundacja RSC accelerated
database maintenance by 90%
with dbForge Studio for MySQL

Fundacja RSC

About the customer

Fundacja RSC is a charity organization that helps families in any crisis, whether it concerns well-being, health issues, domestic violence, or other problems that need to be overcome. The organization focuses on the human being and treats every person individually.
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Challenges faced

Sebastian Warmuz, IT Technician at Fundacja RSC, dealt with regular management and maintenance of their databases. And, as it always happens, his daily operations accumulated a few challenges over time:

The UI of the tool he was using left much to be desired
The lack of a flexible reporting tool caused inconvenience
Data export operations consumed too much time

Not that these challenges are make-or-break or something, but still, it's hard to deny that we all love convenience, and none of us wants to waste our precious time. We all want to get the job done fast.

So does Sebastian; and when he was in search of a better database management solution to switch to, he spotted dbForge Studio for MySQL, which finally seemed like something he was looking for. It was a full-fledged MySQL development environment that was very easy to master. Additionally, the documentation provided Sebastian with all the information regarding the features that he required. After less than a week of use, the value of the Studio became evident.

"Filtering huge datasets is easy with dbForge Studio, and I am finally able to export data to any desired format. What's more, daily exports became 90% faster. In some cases, it's just a few clicks, and everything's done! The best thing about it is that now I can spend more time on helping people instead of sitting there and creating reports."
Sebastian Warmuz
IT Technician at Fundacja RSC
Fundacja RSC
Fundacja RSC

Results achieved

Faster operations

It didn't take long until the Studio gave Sebastian a notable productivity boost. He was especially pleased with the features of the utmost importance.

Key features Sebastian is excited about

Data export and import

The smart export and import wizards, included in the Studio, deliver support for 10+ most popular data formats and flexible customization options. Additionally, this functionality offers templates and easy automation of recurring tasks from the command line.

Search and filtering

dbForge Studio enables multiple operations with data in the results grid, including search, sorting, grouping, filtering, and editing—and it all comes under a well-thought-out, intuitive user interface.

Security management

The built-in Security Manager offers a rich selection of user account and permission management features and thus greatly simplifies your administration routine. Speaking of administration, the Studio helps handle quite a few other DBA tasks with ease, including, but not limited to database backup and recovery, server configuration, session monitoring and management, database migration, and table maintenance.

dbForge Studio for MySQL

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