Ecuavisa increases the speed of software development by 50% after switching to dotConnect for Oracle


About customer

Ecuavisa is an Ecuadorian television network oriented towards educational programs and family content. It sets the purposes of producing and delivering original, trustworthy, and independent entertaining content.
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Product used

Challenges faced

The IT division of the company developed dedicated applications to resolve business tasks. The sticking point was finding an efficient specialized solution to connect .NET to Oracle and map stored procedures. Those solutions applied in the company did not produce the necessary effect. The application development tasks took a lot of time.

Ensure fast connection to Oracle
Speed up the application development processes
Simplify and accelerate the mapping of the stored procedures

The IT team used the default Oracle data access, but its functionality did not satisfy the goals. After searching on the Web, the software developers chose the dotConnect for Oracle solution developed by Devart for its ease of use, impressive speed of work, and exceptional functionality in working with stored procedures.

"The connection to the database improved, therefore the users of our systems improved their processes in the system.
Yajaira Barragan
Yajaira Barragán Arteaga
Software Engineer
Ecuavisa Devart Success Story
Ecuavisa Devart Success Story

Results achieved

Increase of the software development speed

dotConnect for Oracle became the team’s most efficient data provider. The developers used it integrated with Visual Studio, applying it to create and manage applications with Oracle databases. This solution made the connection to Oracle much faster and simpler to establish. Mapping the database models became faster and more accurate, especially with the automatic class creation of result sets. Therefore, all tasks on the application development in the Ecuavisa IT department became much faster and more productive.

Key Features Ecuavisa is excited about

Stored procedure mapping

The provider allows using stored routines for standard operations, such as inserting, updating, and deleting.

Automatic class generation

It greatly reduces the amount of routine work in software development and improved developers' performance.

Easy database connection

There is no need to install the Oracle Client, as the Devart solution allows the apps to connect to Oracle directly, making the processes faster and more straightforward.

dotConnect for Oracle

Get enhanced ORM-enabled data provider for Oracle and develop .NET applications working with Oracle data quickly and easily!

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