.NET Connector for Oracle With ORM Support

dotConnect for Oracle is a versatile, high-performance .NET connector that offers direct access to Oracle Database with no need for Oracle Client. It fully complies with ADO.NET standards, supports advanced ORM with Entity Framework and LinqConnect, and ensures optimal application performance through intelligent fetch and batch processing. The connector boasts comprehensive security features, broad compatibility with Oracle versions and .NET platforms, and seamless integration with Visual Studio.

  • Direct access to data without Oracle Client
  • ORM support with Entity Framework and LinqConnect
  • High performance with intelligent fetch block size control and batch processing
  • Robust security features, including advanced encryption and data integrity
  • Compatibility with different Oracle versions and .NET platforms
  • Support for high-end Oracle features like RAC, sharding, and advanced queuing
  • Comprehensive support for Oracle-specific data types and PL/SQL
  • Integration with Visual Studio and design-time support

Direct Connection to Oracle

dotConnect for Oracle allows connecting to Oracle Database via TCP/IP without any need for Oracle Client, which greatly simplifies application development and deployment.

  • Easy connection without Oracle Client
  • Full support for Oracle-specific data types
  • Robust security with advanced encryption and authentication
  • Flexible connectivity options for diverse operational environments
  • Cost-effective deployment

Advanced ORM Support

dotConnect for Oracle offers enhanced ORM support with a bundled visual designer for ORM models - Entity Developer. Our Oracle ADO.NET provider supports the following ORM solutions:

Entity Framework Core

1.x, 2.x, 3.x, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, and 8.0



Entity Framework


LinqConnect LINQ to SQL solution by Devart

Broad Compatibility

dotConnect for Oracle is the only Oracle provider that supports all modern platforms and technologies—like .NET Core and Entity Framework Core—as well as multiple deprecated technologies, which will reduce the cost of supporting existing applications.

  • .NET 5, 6, 7, 8
  • .NET Framework 2.0–4.8
  • .NET Core 1.x, 2.x, and 3.0
  • .NET Compact Framework 2.0 and higher
  • Mono 2.0 and higher
Oracle Database
  • All versions from 8 to 23c
  • Oracle TimesTen
  • Oracle Cloud (DBaaS)
Microsoft Visual Studio

Visual Studio 2008-2022


Database-specific Features

Database-Specific Features

dotConnect providers offer broad support for various database-specific features, including different connection modes/protocols, data types, and optimized components for bulk data operations and database script handling.

Advanced Durability

Advanced Durability

Our ADO.NET data provider delivers support for Oracle local and distributed transactions, OraMTS, Transparent Application Failover, new HA (High Availability) events from Oracle RAC, and Transaction Guard for error prevention.

Microsoft Technology Support

Microsoft Technology Support

You get seamless integration with Microsoft's data-oriented technologies, including the Microsoft Enterprise Library, various ASP.NET providers, ExtendedMembership providers, and the Microsoft Sync Framework.

Secure Connection

Secure Connection

ODBC connections emphasize security through encryption protocols, including SSL and SSH, and also enable the use of HTTPS tunneling.

Fast Data Loading

Fast Data Loading

dotConnect's Loader class enhances the efficiency of quickly loading large amounts of data by supporting Direct Path Loads as well as using bulk DML operations.

Advanced Visual Studio Integration

Integration With Visual Studio

dotConnect integrates with Visual Studio for an improved design-time experience, offering features like Server Explorer connections and dataset management tools.

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Leading companies choose dotConnect for Oracle

Wells fargo
Thermo fisher
Northrop grumman
Steel Dynamics, Inc.
XPO Logistics, Inc.

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Try dotConnect Universal

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