Dmitriy Gorbachev
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Dmitriy Gorbachev is the Software Architect, Software Developer, and Owner at Gorbachev Design Group LLC. The company views its mission as to develop reliable solutions for helping people in emergencies of natural and human-made catastrophes. A significant part of the mission depends on the appropriate usage of multi-cloud geo-distributed high-availability databases.

Gorbachev Design Group LLC developed a multi-tier and multi-language mobile application. This product has to be deployed to a multi-cloud, geo-distributed, high-availability database with a middle-tier server infrastructure. The task evoked many challenges, primarily for the database scalability and productivity. The company needed a reliable tool for improving the frequent code refactoring and database schema changes and deployment.

The Owner used Oracle MySQL Connector/NET in several projects, but required a different solution for specific tasks. After testing Pomelo.EntityFrameworkCore.MySql and discussing the options with specialists at Microsoft DeveloperNetwork website, he chose the Devart dotConnect for MySQL solution.

"In dotConnect, I found exactly what I had been looking for, but also much more than I had expected.

Introducing dotConnect into my products' development and deployment processes allowed me to cut the database development and update time up to 10 times and reduce the number of database servers. Now, I can use the same DBMS for all products and all purposes.

Releases are done more often. Web pages and UI Controllers load faster."
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Dmitriy Gorbachev, Software Architect, Software Developer, and Owner at Gorbachev Design Group LLC
A .NET Core provider
The software became a universal Entity Framework Core provider between the middle tier Web application and a set of dedicated and VPS servers running the latest MariaDB in a Galera cluster.

Connection to MariaDB and MySQL databases
It serves for R&D projects, background jobs, utilities, and other projects that need a safe, fast, and fault-tolerant connection to MariaDB or MySQL databases. MariaDB and Devart dotConnect have formed the core part of the projects' database-related structure and processes.

Improving productivity
Entity Developer allowed making database schema changes, generating (or regenerating) the middle-tier model and context classes, and deploying the schema changes to multiple server orders of magnitude faster than any other product.

Key Features Dmitrij is excited about

Entity Developer

A dedicated designer and code generation tool with excellent visualization allows the productivity boost on all levels.

Asynchronous nature of the code running "out of the box"

dotConnect is very fast and truly asynchronous, backed up with feedback on practical use by commercial customers worldwide.

Frustration-free productivity

The software eliminates the necessity of looking for workarounds and figuring out how to apply it in some standard scenarios. It is feature-rich, well-documented, and easy to use.

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