.NET Connector for DB2

dotConnect for DB2 is an enhanced ORM enabled data provider for DB2 that builds on ADO.NET technology and IBM DB2 .NET Data Provider to present a complete solution for developing DB2-based database applications. It allows you to easily integrate DB2 data with widely used data-oriented technologies and use them in your .NET applications. It offers better Entity Framework support, more features for ASP.NET projects, native SSIS Source and Destination components and many more.

Advanced ADO.NET Provider

dotConnect for DB2 offers a number of innovative development tools and technologies, not available in IBM DB2 .NET Data Provider. It supports both connected (DataTable) and disconnected (DataSet) models of data access, provides advanced components, such as DB2Script, powerful tools - DataSet Wizard and DataSetManager, etc.


Entity Framework

dotConnect for DB2 offers enhanced Entity Framework support with a bundled visual designer for Entity Framework models - Entity Developer . dotConnect for DB2 supports code-first, model-first, database-first, and mixed development approaches, DB2-specific types and functions, stored procedures, etc.


ASP.NET Support

dotConnect for DB2 provides a number of features for ASP.NET projects. It provides an advanced DB2DataSource component for data access and ASP.NET provider model support. It offers such ASP.NET providers as Membership provider and role provider (along with SimpleMembership providers), Session State provider, Site Map provider, Web Event provider, and Personalization provider.


BIS Support

dotConnect for DB2 provides native Source and Destination components for data flows in SQL Server Integration Services packages. Export and import data from/to DB2 database easily with dotConnect for DB2. dotConnect for DB2 also can be used in Analysis Services and Reporting Services projects.

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