About the program

Professionals need appropriate tools to do the jobs. If your current tool does not match your goals and needs, it is the right time to get another one.

Devart offers the Competitive Upgrade special program for those wishing to switch to our tools. We make this shift smooth and beneficial, with 50% off for our licenses. Are you interested in some tool? Then follow the instructions at the corresponding page or simply contact us.

Easy steps to save on Devart licenses 

01. Free consulting
02. Dedicated Manager
03. Wide range of database tool
What are the conditions to participate in the Educational Discount Program

How to switch to Devart products with a hefty 50% discount?

The conditions are simple: you need to verify that you have an active subscription for a competing commercial product purchased no more than 360 and no less than 30 days ago.

If you want to shift from it to a Devart product with a discount, contact the program coordinator via the form at the bottom of the page. Provide the name of the competing solution and the formal proof of owning it (order confirmation, etc.).

Interested? Contact us!

Fill out the form and allow us some time. We will get in touch once your request is validated.