Download Entity Developer

You can download trial or free version of our products to try using them. Trial version Entity Developer is a fully working version during 30 days period. After the trial period expires, you must either order a registered version or uninstall Entity Developer. To view an editions comparison chart, visit the Editions page.

The latest version 6.3.681 (14-Feb-2019). For a list of changes see the Revision history

Entity Developer

Entity Developer 6.3 Professional Trial

Note: This is a trial version that supports NHibernate, Entity Framework, LINQ to SQL, and Telerik Data Access and has no limit on project size.

Entity Developer 6.3 Express

Note: This free package has a 10 entities per model limitation. See comparison table for more information.

HTML Help documentation

Note: To enable CHM content, right-click the file, then click Properties, and then click Unblock.

NHibernate Mapping Samples

Note: 50 mapping samples for NHibernate with fluent and XML mapping, mapped classes, and ready-to-use Visual Studio projects