How Himformatics obtained a productive and cost-effective tool to use EF Core with Oracle

Himformatics LLC

About the customer

Himformatics focuses on Healthcare IT. In addition to software development, Himformatics consults with clients in planning, governing, procuring, implementing, and optimizing their healthcare information technologies. Himformatics works with clients across the healthcare continuum — large health systems, community hospitals, children’s hospitals, academic medical systems, and more.
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Challenges faced

The company had the task to develop a purpose-built clinical application to support patients with Alzheimer's Disease and related dementias. While building the application backend with .NET Core/Entity Framework Core, Michael Palgon, the Senior Software Engineer at Himformatics, faced the new requirement from the client. The software they were creating had to use the client's Oracle database because the customers possessed enterprise licensing.

At that time, Himformatics did not have any native EF Core provider for Oracle available. The company had to search for a third-party alternative. After in-depth research on the Web, they have chosen Devart dotConnect for Oracle.

The need to use the client's Oracle database.
The application backend written with .NET Core/Entity Framework Core.
Lack of native Entity Framework Core provider for Oracle
"This has allowed me to maintain my working routine by knowing I have a dependable, well-tested, EF Core provider for Oracle. In addition, I'm now able to offer Oracle as an option to other clients when building their applications."
Michael Palgon
Michael Palgon
Senior Software Engineer at Himformatics

Results achieved

With the help of dotConnect for Oracle, Himformatics could use the traditional .NET Core/EF Core tools they had in place, especially those focused on code-first migrations. At the same time, the developers met the requirement to use the client's existing Oracle database.

As a result, it was possible to reduce the software development cost, and the company obtained a productive and cost-effective tool to use Entity Framework Core with Oracle databases and improve the range of delivered services.

Key features Himformatics is excited about

EF Core support

Due to this ORM support, dotConnect for Oracle offers the full functionality needed for building database-related applications.

Direct access without an Oracle client software

This feature helps to eliminate the tasks of installing dedicated intermediary clients and migrating the data further.

LINQ to Entities

This feature allows querying the data from a .NET application and transforming them on the fly for further use in a convenient way.

dotConnect for Oracle

Get enhanced ORM-enabled data provider for Oracle and develop .NET applications working with Oracle data quickly and easily!

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