How Tecnologias RMS ensured
better quality of software delivery
with dbForge Studio for MySQL

Tecnologias RMS

About the customer

Tecnologias RMS is a São Paulo-headquartered software development company that has spent over 20 years in business, delivering custom tech solutions for the financial market in Brazil. Additionally, Tecnologias RMS offers consulting, support, and other services in the IT sphere.

Challenges faced

This is yet another case of a company whose operations are not focused on database management; however, the said management is a crucial piece of the puzzle that must perfectly fit into the entire picture. For more than 20 years, Tecnologias RMS has been delivering IT consulting and development services. Handling databases is just a small part of their operations—yet this is where their workflow faced a few challenges and could use some optimization.

Difficulties with migration between development and production environments
Absence of fast and straightforward tools for database object comparison
Lack of tools that would accelerate routine SQL coding

There were three primary reasons why Renato, the company owner, eventually settled on dbForge Studio for MySQL. First, it was easy to use. Second, it included quite a few features that were absolutely necessary for his tasks. Finally, it came at an affordable price.

"We use dbForge Studio for software development. It speeds our processes up and helps a lot, especially when we need to compare objects. The debugging is also great - we save hours of work with its help."
Renato Rogerio De Sa
Renato Rogerio De Sa
Owner of Tecnologias RMS
Tecnologias RMS
Tecnologias RMS

Results achieved

added performance

Not only did Renato speed up his operations—he also noted the improvement in the quality of deliverables. What is more, the automation of MySQL database management and deployment gave Renato's team a sharper focus on more sophisticated matters.

Key features Renato is excited about

MySQL Debugger

Renato called the built-in MySQL Debugger an extremely helpful part of the Studio. This tool allows investigating the run-time behavior of database objects and locating logic errors. The features it provides include step-by-step execution, call stack browsing, breakpoints, and watches.

Database object comparison and synchronization

The database comparison functionality—available both in dbForge Studio and as a standalone solution—is indispensable when it comes to comparing database structures, analyzing the differences, and setting up safe deployment. Generation of migration scripts and comparison reports is also included.

A single integrated toolkit for everything

Perhaps the most convenient thing about it was the seamless integration of all features in a single IDE that fully eliminated any need for extra tools. It's all there, ready to work out of the box, and delivered under a clean, intuitive interface.

dbForge Studio for MySQL

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