How Web Corp Inc. improved testing processes and productivity with dbForge Studio for SQL Server

Web Corp Inc.

About the customer

Web Corp Inc. is a software development company that creates and evolves robust business-to-business commerce systems. The company provides an array of services — from developing and delivering specialized applications to directing overall IT strategies, tailored to the specific needs and business goals of their clients.

Challenges faced

The company needed a powerful and reliable tool for SQL Server data and schema comparison. Tracking and fixing schema issues that occurred time after time used to consume a lot of time. Thus, the company's CEO had the idea to deploy a new database development solution to enhance the workflow and prevent errors from being deployed to production.

Validate changes in a timely manner before deployment to production
Find and fix specific issues in the code that could appear in the workflow
Import test data into the development environment

Previously, the company successfully employed another Devart product for its database operations – dbForge Studio for MySQL. That's why, when the need arose, the CEO turned to the dbForge product line again and found a similar solution for SQL Server. The Studio became the ultimate choice due to its combination of all-encompassing functionality and competitive price.

"Testing database changes has improved by 50%. Due to the mapping features in dbForge Studio, importing data is consistent each time, resulting in faster testing. I would say a 25% improvement. dbForge Studio is all about workflow efficiency and effective use of resources."
Harry Hellerschmid
CEO at Web Corp Inc.

Results achieved

improved testing of database changes
overall team productivity

The usage of dbForge Studio for SQL Server sped up all development, testing, and validation processes. The database administrators set up scheduled schema comparison for timely detection of any potential issues.

Key features Harry is excited about

Schema Comparison

This feature, noted by Harry as the most important one, helps compare database schemas and identify all changes in each object. Any unwanted discrepancies can be detected and prevented from deployment to production. All tasks can be automated from the command-line interface.

Easy Data Import

This tool for populating databases with data from external sources supports 10+ most widespread data formats. Such options as templates for particular scenarios, a convenient wizard, and command-line support make import much more simple and straightforward.

Data Import Mapping

Data import mapping delivers automated creation and mapping of columns. It also provides flexible configuration options for users to combine automated and manual mapping. The handy data import wizard helps create template files with mapping settings to apply whenever needed.

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