How Ludlow Mount Holly Unified Union School District increased programming time efficiency by up to 50% with
dbForge Studio for SQL Server

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About customer

Steven DeLisle is responsible for IT Asset Management in Ludlow Mount Holly Unified Union School District. He and his collegues monitor, maintain, and manage both physical and virtual assets that particular schools possess or rent. The team deals with the excessive number of items of all types and has to ensure accountability and convenient representation of the inventory data.

Challenges faced

The team used spreadsheets to track the IT Assets and needed a solution to make the task performance faster and achieve more productivity. The offerings present on the market were cumbersome for the customers and did not match their specific needs. Besides, the product to use had to meet the K-12 school budgets.

Ensure efficient SQL Server database management
Customize the solution for the specific environment
Intuitive tool for users without strong database-related background

After searching on the Internet, the customer chose two Devart solutions: dbForge Studio for SQL Server and UniDAC (data access components) for Delphi. The deciding factors were flexibility of the solutions, lots of positive users’ reviews, and highly professional and helpful customer support.

"The layout of dbForge, the simplicity it gives with creating and modifying SQL server databases and creating code are fantastic."
Steven DeLisle
Steven DeLisle
IT Manager

Results achieved

in time efficiency
in inventory management productivity

Despite having limited knowledge of database management, the customers could set dbForge for SQL Server up and running very quickly. The UniDAC solution served excellently for the custom front-end, and the features of the Studio matched the existing programs and enhanced the available functionality. These tools helped to resolve all issues that the team faced during their daily tasks in tracking inventory.

Before implementing dbForge Studio, the team had to overcome lots of difficulties because of the lack of specific programming training. The Studio with its powerful GUI lets even the non-experts perform quickly and diminish the time losses.

Key Features the Customer is excited about

Database Diagram

A specialized feature for ER diagram design lets the users visualize the databases with their structures and objects as diagrams. With its help, you can check logical references, create and edit objects, and analyze the databases in-depth.

Table Designer

An object editor lets you create and edit SQL tables in a visual mode. You can create and manage columns, indexes, triggers, work with data, as well as generate SQL scripts to apply changes.

Index Manager

The feature ensures smooth working with indexes. Users can add and remove indexes, define index types, analyze the existing indexes, identify and fix issues with index fragmentation in a visual mode or with specifically generated SQL scripts.

dbForge Studio for SQL Server

All-in-One SQL Server IDE for effective database development

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