How Stephen Matey improved his full-stack development skills with dbForge SQL Complete

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About the customer

Stephen Matey is a Senior Reporting Manager at Floor & Decor, which has been recognized as one of Fortune's 100 fastest-growing companies. With a diverse team of over 5000 specialized employees, the company is committed to delivering on its mission: provide clients with an exceptional shopping experience and outstanding customer service.
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Challenges faced

Stephen Matey was determined to become a proficient full-stack developer, and one of his key goals was to improve his coding speed yet guarantee the quality of the output. However, even with the standard SSMS enhancements for SQL coding, Mr. Matey found that this default IDE for SQL Server lacked the functionality to meet his requirements.

Minimize the number of repetitive keystrokes and mouse clicks
Increase the efficiency of writing and developing SQL code
Integrate the required functionality into the SSMS environment

After experimenting with some third-party solutions, Stephen Matey opted for dbForge SQL Complete – a code completion and productivity tool that can be easily integrated with SSMS and Visual Studio. His decision was based on the tool's functionality, competitive pricing, and the productivity it promised to deliver. According to Stephen, SQL Complete demonstrated its effectiveness right at the demo stage.

"Its features are robust and useful...impressed with how much faster, more efficient, and to the point, I am than my fellow peers"
Stephen Matey
Stephen Matey
Data Engineer

Results achieved

Stephen currently relies on SQL Complete to enhance his daily productivity. This software helps him remain focused on his tasks and minimize distractions when developing database models and objects. SQL Complete has significantly improved the client's database development routine, saving his valuable time and ensuring the accuracy of the output.

Key Features Stephen Matey is Excited About

Code Auto-completion

This feature works similarly to IntelliSense, providing keyword and object suggestions, phrase completion, wildcard expansion, and JOIN clause auto-generation. The suggestions are context-based and sorted by relevance. You can quickly enable or disable this feature at will.

Code Snippets

SQL Complete provides a collection of snippets – frequently used code fragments or templates that can be inserted into the code. You can edit predefined snippets as needed and add your own templates to reuse them more conveniently.

Code Formatting

TSQL Complete comes with a broad range of formatting options and customizable styles. With this feature, you can format the code you're writing, format multiple files or directories at once, and even automate formatting tasks using the command-line interface.

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