How Raiffeisen Bank accelerated database testing and delivery by 80% with dbForge Data Compare for Oracle

Raiffeisen Bank

About the customer

Since 2004, Raiffeisen Bank Albania has been part of the Raiffeisen Bank International AG Group, headquartered in Austria. The Bank is the country's market leader with the largest branch network in Albania, and it offers a diverse range of banking services.
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Challenges faced

When it comes to the daily routine of developing, testing, and deploying databases, reliable tools mean everything. This was the story with the DWH maintenance team of Raiffeisen Bank. They were in search of a solution that would ensure fast and seamless comparison of development and production databases. The tools they were using back then encountered a few issues that had to be resolved.

Issues with comparing big volumes of data
Insufficient performance of daily comparison operations
Inconvenient management of data comparison results

dbForge Data Compare for Oracle was singled out and eventually given preference over its competitors due to its versatile features and user-friendly interface, which was simple and intuitive enough to give an immediate start to effective work. The results did not keep the team waiting.

"dbForge Data Compare gives faster delivery of change requests, faster Data Warehouse implementation, faster testing."
Artemon Tamo
Artemon Tamo
DWH Maintenance Senior Specialist at Raiffeisen Bank Albania

Results achieved

faster testing and delivery of Oracle databases

dbForge Data Compare for Oracle delivered far more than the client expected. The internal cycle of database development, testing, and delivery was shortened and streamlined, with quite a few handy features that made it possible. The client named three of them as the most important ones.

Key features Artemon is excited about

Comparison with the results of custom queries

The Custom Query feature allows comparing a table with a query result. This is how the comparison output can be tailored to meet the most precise requirements for subsequent analysis.

Easy management of comparison results

When it comes to handling comparison results, dbForge Data Compare allows filtering and sorting objects, grouping records by type, excluding objects/records from synchronization, finding tables by name, editing the values of default comparison options, as well as getting timely warnings regarding possible data loss or errors during synchronization.

Comparison reports

Data comparison reports can be generated in the Microsoft Excel, HTML, and CSV formats. Actual data can also be easily integrated into reports. Additionally, you can hide unmodified columns to simplify your analysis and filter the results in your reports by including selected objects and differences.

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