How Royal Engineering saved time and efforts by 75% with ODBC Driver for Salesforce


About the customer

Royal Engineering is a company in South Louisiana that provides engineering and consulting services. The short-term goal is to improve the Disaster Response and Recovery services for customers in the area.
The United States

Challenges faced

While developing the Disaster Recovery & Response services, the company wanted to connect their Salesforce platform to an external database linked to an Identification Card printing software and printer. The goal was to get two-way communication between Salesforce and that external database while operating the ID Card printing software and printer. This combination is often necessary for Disaster Recovery & Response

All the data was in Salesforce. The division responsible for the data flow had to manage it manually in Excel sheets and paper and entered the data manually into Salesforce after collecting and reviewing the paper reports. This model was slow and caused risks. Thus, the division had the following challenges:

Ensure direct two-way communication between the Salesforce platform and the printing software
Guarantee accurate and smooth work in real-time
Improve the speed of performance

Ryan Hebert, Engineer & Platform Analyst at Royal Engineering chose Devart ODBC Driver for Salesforce. The main reasons were that this product is designed specifically for Salesforce, had plenty of positive reviews, and came with professional customer support.

"The connection allows for data to be entered into Salesforce, and at the click of a button, have that same data available to use... Through the ODBC tool, it is also possible for us to make updates to Salesforce data directly from the software... We have thoroughly tested the connection and our protocol for this use case. We are confident we will be able to handle data intake during future Disaster Response and recovery programs where we offer our services."
Yuval Kaplan
Ryan Hebert
Engineer & Platform Analyst at Royal Engineering

Results achieved

Saved effort and time

After applying ODBC for Salesforce, the company skipped collecting, reviewing, revising, and managing paper reports. Instead, they could implement the barcode system and digitize and automate the process. The data obtained from those barcodes was digital at once, and it was delivered automatically into Salesforce and then to the printing software.

Earlier, the workload was about 200 paper reports per day. The improvement made a big difference, and Royal Engineering achieved new standards of digitalization in work.

The existing customers could benefit excellently from those innovations, and the company now considers other types of work to implement with that system.

Key features Rayan Hebert is excited about

Salesforce Compatibility

The ODBC driver fully supports the Salesforce data types and Salesforce API. It ensures the most efficient connection and the possibility to manipulate the data directly in Salesforce. Besides, it speeds up all operations with Salesforce.

Simple operations

With this driver, you can work with Salesforce in the same way as with standard SQL tables. Write and execute the fundamental SQL statements, apply JOINs, aggregate functions, subqueries, etc.

Simple deployment

Installing the Devart ODBC Driver for Salesforce does not require much time. You don't need any additional database clients or libraries. Everything is in one installation file.

ODBC Drivers

Compatible with any ODBC-compliant tool

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