How Spectra CIA ltda solved with MyDAC the issues with the speed of connection to the database

Spectra CIA ltda

About the customer

Spectra provides services and software solutions for the pharma industry. The company has been in the market for more than 25 years and is pioneering TOC analyzers in the Brazilian market.
Product used

Challenges faced

Turning to MyDac, their primary goal was to get direct access to the database, direct replacement to original components and source code. But starting to use the tool, they discovered that it solved much more significant challenges.

Speed of internal performance such as querying and updating data.
Support for Delphi and C++Builder. Specifically working with Delphi through other tools caused technical issues and was always limited.
The ability to access data using plain SQL or the data-access components.

After struggling with other tools that could meet the client’s requirements, Spectra decided to try MyDac. The main issue before was the speed of performance connecting to the database. The previous tool had usage restrictions working with Delphi / C++ Builder.

"MyDAC works very fast with my Delphi Alexandria PRO 11.2. I can directly connect to MySQL and MariaDB without a problem and deliver only one file for the whole app. Since the year 2000, never had a single problem."
Marco Somoza
CEO at Spectra CIA ltda

Results achieved

Improved performance: By using MyDAC, Spectra achieved more efficient database operations, which allows them better and faster diagnose problems.

Easy data access: MyDAC provides an easy-to-use interface for working with data, including support for data-aware controls and the ability to access data using plain SQL or the data-access components.

Better support for Delphi and C++Builder: MyDAC is specifically designed to work with Delphi and C++Builder, and provides better support for these languages than other data access libraries.

Ease of use: MyDAC provides high-level components and wizards that simplify the database application development process, allowing our client to focus on the business logic.

In summary, MyDAC helps our customers to achieve better performance, easy data access, advanced features, and improved security when working with databases.

Key features Marco is Excited about

Support for stored procedures

MyDAC supports executing stored procedures, which allows encapsulating complex business logic in the database and reusing it across multiple applications.

Advanced data type handling

The support for various data types, including BLOBs, arrays, and other complex data types, allows handling and manipulation of data in various formats.

Connection pooling

MyDAC allows the use of connection pooling, which can help improve performance by reusing existing connections to the database.

Support for events

MyDAC provides support for events, which allows you to execute custom code in response to certain actions, such as connecting to a database or executing a query.


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