How Kromabatch Srl capably
automated database management
with dbForge Studio for MySQL

Kromabatch Srl

About the customer

Kromabatch Srl is an Italian company that produces color masterbatches, additives, and compounds of plastic materials. It was founded in 2009 by specialists with extensive experience in this field. Today, Kromabatch is a consolidated reality in the international context, energetic and committed, whose mission is to offer a complete range of products and services of the highest quality and address the needs of its customers in the most timely and precise manner.
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Challenges faced

It's always rewarding for us to see our products adopted by companies and individuals from nearly any possible area of expertise—and this story will tell you about Kromabatch Srl, an Italian manufacturer of color masterbatches. Their operations involve extensive and regular work with data as well as complex calculations; but the trouble is that their business specifics did not allow using the standard Bill of Materials from the very beginning. A bypass was found in a mixed system that included a commercial ERP, a MySQL database, and Microsoft Excel. However, the system wasn't without its fair share of obstacles.

The standard Bill of Materials system could not be properly applied to the workflow
The communication between different software was rather laborious and time-consuming
The conversion of data was not that seamless and generated errors now and then

All of these obstacles called for auxiliary solutions that would deliver the automation of database management and failsafe compatibility with Excel, but none of the tried tools seemed to fit the frame. Eventually, a research conducted by the company's CEO Claudio Maestrini led him to dbForge Studio for MySQL. It had an extensive set of database management tools, it was able to automate recurring operations from the command line, and it came at an attractive price. All in all, the Studio promised a lot, and the next question was whether it would live up to the promise.

"Our company is making color masterbatches for the Synthetic Fibres Industry and we cannot operate with the standard BoM system because we have several recipes for the same color. We have a complex system using official financial ERP software, Excel for the recipe calculation and a PHP front-end based on a MySQL database. Our need was to make the communication among these as much automatic and flawless as possible. Add to this that we are based in Italy, and the localisation makes the usage of .csv files a nightmare.
After we unsuccessfully tried other software, dbForge Studio for MySQL brilliantly resolved all our problems. And after months of research and testing, we can confidently attest that none of the competitors offers the same capabilities and tools at a similar convenient price."
Claudio Maestrini
Claudio Maestrini
CEO & IT Specialist at Kromabatch Srl
Kromabatch Srl
Kromabatch Srl

Results achieved

error-free conversion
Up to 10
saved hours per month

It didn't take long until the Kromabatch team set up an automatic input/output procedure between Excel and MySQL using the command line. The human intervention was almost completely eliminated, which saved (and still saves) 5-10 hours of manual work every month. There was nothing that a well-scheduled .bat file couldn't tackle. Moreover, error-free data conversion eliminated the need for double-checks, and the system was finally kept up-to-date without any additional adjustments.

At the end of the day, Kromabatch capably improved their order confirmation process, manufacturing schedule, warehouse management, and cost determination. But the most important thing is the confidence that you've built a clockwork system that you can rely on—and we're happy that our product is part of it.

Key features Claudio is excited about

Perfect compatibility with Microsoft Excel

One of the Studio's feature highlights noted by Claudio is the straightforward and flawless two-way communication with Microsoft Excel. Thanks to it, his teammates could finally stop worrying about decimal separators and misrepresentation of zero and blank cells.

Easy management of large files

Among other useful features, Claudio pinpointed the Studio's ability to effectively handle large files with a slew of useful tools such as SQL editor, visual query builder, and pivot tables.

CLI-powered automation

Last but not least, it's the extensive support for the command-line interface and the use of batch files that made the automation of data management possible—and highly flexible at that. The automated operations include data import and export, comparison and synchronization, backup operations, and reporting.

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