How Novellic saved costs and gained 30% productivity improvement with Devart Excel Add-in for MySQL


About the customer

Novellic is the developer of a mobile app for book clubs. This app offers book recommendations from real readers. In addition to helping users to get familiar with excellent new books to read, it provides community tools. The app lets you organize your reading, track the progress, and communicate with other readers.
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Challenges faced

The app backend is database heavy because the team has to use and maintain a wide range of tables with various related pieces of information. Thus, Novellic wanted an easy way to view and modify that data with the following challenges:

Integrate the software solution with the existing office suite.
Allow non-tech users to create new campaigns or edit book data right from their Excel windows.
Eliminate the risks of accessing the DB directly by users without proper training and experience.

The company could not invest much time in building a web-based interface for the DB analytics data access or developing its own content management tools. They needed a ready-made solution integrated with Excel, replacing a powerful and complicated system like MySQL Workbench used before.

After searching on the Web, the company has chosen the Devart Excel Add-in for MySQL. The solution met all their needs.

"We have saved time and cost that might be spent on developing our own front-end tools and content management system. This is estimated at no less than £25,000 in cost...
We give our editors an overview of our proprietary app usage metrics without relying on third-party analytics tools."
Michael Palgon
Candide Kirk
Founder of Novellic

Results achieved

saved in cost
team members productivity

The company obtained a solution for MySQL that can integrate directly into the familiar environment of Excel. This way, the dedicated staff can refresh and edit the data on the fly and retrieve the latest stats related to the DB usage. The efficiency of team members has improved by 30% in performing day-to-day editorial work with the Devart tools.

Key features Novellic is excited about

Integration with Excel

The company maintains Excel sheets with the saved queries accessing the service databases. The team of editors uses these sheets to access and modify all the necessary contents.

Quicker and more efficient content updates

The Excel Add-in for MySQL allows bulk copying and pasting rows to add. Also, it flags incorrect entries automatically, thus improving accuracy and speeding up the performance.

Ease of use and reliability

Novellic uses this solution to extract the analytics information from across multiple tables using JOIN statements. This way, the company does not need to rely upon any other analytics tools.

Excel Add-in for MySQL

Query and edit MySQL and MariaDB data directly from Microsoft Excel. Refresh data in your spreadsheets in a couple of clicks and save changes back to the database!