How The IT Service resolved their data synchronization challenges with dbForge SQL Tools

The IT Service

About the customer

The IT Service company specializes in database design services that help customers to make the most of the data they hold. The company builds databases for various organizations, including hospitals, media companies, and local small and medium businesses.
The United Kingdom
Product used

Challenges faced

The developers of The IT Service were building databases for their clients using SQL Server and Azure SQL. The main issue was to keep the live databases and databases in development synchronized. The standard tools offered by the default SSMS IDE did not provide the required functionality.

Grab a copy of live data to put into the database in development
Run multiple tests with a copy of the data before applying changes to production
Document all changes made in the development copy before deploying them

After trying several third-party solutions, Mr. Andrew Richards, the Managing Director of the company, chose the dbForge SQL Tools package for its easiness of use, functionality, and value for money.

"We are able to deliver code of significantly better quality, and better tested in a shorter time than was possible before our investment in Devart tools... Our customers get access to more robust applications, against more realistic data."
Andrew Richards
Andrew Richards
Managing Director at The IT Service

Results achieved

faster routines on data comparison and synchronization
faster SQL coding

The developers use SQL Complete, Schema Compare, and Data Compare almost every day. The tools help them create copies of the client databases "as live" in seconds. Also, they enable the developers to make changes to the dev copies, secure them all in the knowledge base, and push the updates to production without missing any detail.

The Documenter tool allows the team to keep documentation up to date, both at the column level and across objects. Besides, SQL Complete allows the team to make the code robust, accurate and quickly delivered.

As a result of the dbForge SQL Tools implementation, the company could improve the most demanding routines to get rid of errors, ensure precise performance, and gain much better speed of work.

Key features The IT Service is excited about

SQL Complete

SQL Complete allows for writing SQL code much faster and easier. Tracking the SQL query history, grouping the documents into sessions, and colour-coding tabs within SSMS ensure that the developers will perform the routines faster and will execute them in the right environment.

Data Compare

Compare databases, as well as identify and analyze all discrepancies in them, up to the single-row level. The tool allows for easy data synchronization with the wizard in real time and automatically on schedule. The functionality of the tool covers live databases, backups, and script folders.

Schema Compare

Compare the differences in database objects between the production and development databases. The tool lets you synchronize individual changes, a selection of them, or migrate all changes. You can review all issues and deploy changes directly in real time or later with saved deployment scripts.

dbForge SQL Tools

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