How Dan Price improved coding speed and accuracy with
dbForge SQL Complete

Dan Price

About the customer

Dan Price is an experienced Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse practitioner who has been implementing Business Analytics solutions in a number of industries for many years. In particular, he focuses on telecommunications, financial services, and education sectors, specializing in the Microsoft BI Stack, but also having a profound experience in other technologies.
Product used

Challenges faced

As an independent contractor, Mr. Price was working on a BI solution for a company operating in the travel industry. The main challenge he faced was the limited functionality of the solution used for SQL development.

Inconsistent layout and format of code
Low speed of code writing
Risks of using the wrong server

Neither the default SSMS nor other third-party tools could solve those challenges. On the recommendation of his colleague, Mr. Price turned to the dbForge product line for SQL Server and chose SQL Complete to overcome all the challenges. The tool appeared to be more feature-rich, with responsive support and more frequent updates delivering functionality enhancements.

"I can build new analytical capabilities and maintain the existing ones faster."
Dan Price
Senior BI Developer

Results achieved

Coding efficiency improved by 70%

Mr. Price uses SQL Complete in day-to-day development routines, such as creating various database objects, report queries, etc. The primary advantage that this tool brought was the improvement of coding speed. With the functionality provided by SQL Complete, any coding tasks became easier and faster in production. The overall coding efficiency has increased significantly.

Key features Dan Price is excited about

IntelliSense-style SQL autocompletion

SQL Complete provides an autocomplete feature that is more powerful than its analogs in SSMS and other third-party tools. The context-based suggestions, statement expansions, object search, and simple code navigation make the coding routines almost twice as fast.

T-SQL Debugger

This feature is a great support when writing complex stored routines. It allows developers to analyze and troubleshoot stored procedures, functions, and triggers. Developers can perform all operations in the familiar SSMS interface enhanced with SQL Complete.

Tabs coloring

This option is helpful when working with multiple server connections, and when it is essential to execute the statements against the correct environment. Developers can mark the servers related to development, test, sandbox, and production by color and thus eliminate the risk of working with the wrong server.

dbForge SQL Complete

Advanced IntelliSense-style code completion add-in

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