How increased team productivity by 150% with dbForge SQL Tools, LLC

About the customer, LLC is a custom software development company offering a wide range of services. Its team is proficient in database development, web development, and application development, including cloud applications. The company provides IT consulting and training services. The mission of is to help their customers benefit by implementing the best software.
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Product used

Challenges faced

While working on routine software development tasks, the company came to the conclusion that the standard Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services and Performance Monitor were not sufficient for their developers and did not provide the required standards and detailed information. They wanted to find a new solution that would help them achieve the following goals:

Import and export data without creating SSIS scripts and jobs
Improve the overall team performance
Get more in-depth insights into their customers' databases

The company's consultant Steve Palmer introduced dbForge SQL Tools to the team, as he used them in his work before and found them highly reliable and user-friendly in daily operations.

"Easy, repeatable. Just works. We just wanted the easy way to do things. You've provided us with a reliable tool that we depend on daily."
Steve Palmer
Steve Palmer
Consultant at, LLC

Results achieved

faster performance
productivity improvement

One of the primary goals of SQL Tools in this particular case was compatibility with Excel spreadsheets. The tools allowed Steve's teammates both to retrieve data from the spreadsheets and operate with live data directly in Excel, modifying and subsequently saving it. The tool proved invaluable when it came to importing data to databases, synchronizing databases with applications, and migrating data to the cloud.

Key features Steve is excited about

Import and Export Wizards

SQL Tools offer integrated user-friendly wizards for effortless import and export of data in the most popular formats. All the necessary tasks can be scheduled and automated via the command-line interface.


Monitor is a tool that helps track and analyze database performance in real time. This allows Steve and his teammates to address any issue immediately, identify its source, and fix it in a matter of moments.

Source Control

This tool ensures effective version control of databases, helps commit and rollback changes, view conflicts and effectively resolve them, maintaining the integrity of SQL Server databases.

dbForge SQL Tools

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