How My Next App Inc. achieved complete accuracy in database development with dbForge Studio


About the customer

My Next App Inc. is a software development company that has come up with their own SaaS solution. It also works on custom software solutions for other clients that mainly focus on the dispatch compliance tracking plants generating power in Alberta (Canada). Moreover, the company provides a power grid analytics tool that helps both power producers and consumers predict electricity price fluctuations in the future.

Challenges faced

The company was setting up a new independent software development team, a new project. The primary need was to avoid any differences in the Dev, Test, and Production database schemas.

Conduct an audit of any changes in schemas
Optimize SQL queries before including them in SaaS
Improve the overall database development

The default SSMS solution did not provide the necessary functionality for the faced challenges. A different third-party solution did not meet the requirements either. After searching the web, Mr. Geoff Armstrong gave dbForge Studio for SQL Server a chance to address those challenges. The reason why he referred to this particular Devart product was that it was a separate IDE (and not just an SSMS plug-in) with a comprehensive and accurate GUI that comes at a reasonable price.

"After discovering how much better of an IDE dbForge is than SSMS I now do most of my database development work in dbForge."
Geoff Armstrong
Geoff Armstrong
Dispatcho by My Next App Inc.
Dispatcho by My Next App Inc.

Results achieved

accuracy of the database schema synchronization

The software developers at My Next App Inc. use dbForge Studio for SQL Server for all database-related routines. In particular, they explore the Schema Compare and SQL code assistance functionality. These tools let them review all changes in Development and Test databases and then deploy them using the scripts generated by the tool. As a result, the developers become much better at preventing possible bugs.

Key Features My Next App Inc. is Excited About

Schema Compare

A powerful module allows for precise comparison of all discrepancies between the database schemas. The functionality covers both the live databases and backups. After the comparison task is complete, the tool generates synchronization scripts to deploy the changes, all or the selected ones, to the destination.

Code completion

The code assistance module is one of the most popular features of the IDE. It includes a whole set of perks that help the developers produce clean, robust, and 100% accurate code almost twice as fast. The statement suggestions, code snippets, syntax checker, and code formatter simplify the developers’ lives significantly.

Query profiling

This visual tool lets you analyze the query and detect any issues that may take place during its execution much faster than before. It tracks the query execution at all stages, identifies the reasons for the slow performance, and compares the query profiling results on the fly.

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