How the Allspoke LTD team
became 35% more productive
with dbForge Studio for MySQL

Allspoke LTD

About the customer

Allspoke is a software development house specialising in retail, hospitality and service solutions. It is the developer of the Ramsys Retail Management System and the Business Objects application. They also provide website design and development services, custom programming and data manipulation services, management and support with IT manager/CIO type support or retail consultation for companies trying to improve or develop an IT footprint as well as custom application development.
New Zealand

Challenges faced

When a company is diverse and busy enough to deliver software development services and at the same time evolve and market a retail management system, process automation is a necessity. And when it comes to databases—which constitute a vital part of their custom products—automation would allow shifting the focus to more attention-demanding things and solve several pressing challenges at hand:

Legacy databases had to be effectively moved to MySQL
Synchronization of database structures was time-consuming
The functionality of other tools was insufficient

After quite a few tools were tried and tested—the Allspoke team were even about to start developing their own database management solution—Mark Stratton, the company's CTO, came across dbForge Studio for MySQL. It became evident from the beginning that it was the solution they were looking for.

"Database design and maintenance are much easier now, saving us many man-hours every day. Schema syncing is very simple. dbForge Studio has the best feature set and is more reliable than any other tool we were using."
Mark Stratton
Mark Stratton
CTO/Director at Allspoke LTD

Results achieved

Increased productivity for all database-related operations

Database design, structure management and updates, query building, schema backup and recovery—all of these routine operations were streamlined with the help of the Studio over a short period of time. Several features were mentioned by Mark as especially useful.

Key features Mark is excited about

Database Designer

The built-in Database Designer provides users with database diagrams, which let them create, analyze, reverse-engineer, print, and customize MySQL databases. Additionally, these diagrams allow viewing foreign key relations, displaying database objects with properties, and executing stored procedures.

Visual query building

Query Builder is another integrated tool that simplifies the creation of MySQL queries on visual diagrams, which means there is no need for SQL coding. With its help, users can build, group, and arrange complex tables, create JOINs, as well as add and modify conditions using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. The same functionality is available separately in an application called Query Builder for MySQL.

Schema synchronization

The schema comparison and synchronization functionality—available both in dbForge Studio and in a standalone tool Schema Compare for MySQL—is an invaluable assistant when it comes to comparing database schemas of any size, locating and analyzing the differences, and setting up safe deployment. Generation of migration scripts and comparison reports is also included.

dbForge Studio for MySQL

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