How Ratings Central improved performance, decreased the need for complex SQL coding and communicated with MySQL database on the web server using MyDAC

Ratings Central

About the customer

Ratings Central provides ratings for table tennis clubs and tournaments around the world. The company was founded in 2004 by David J. Marcus, Ph.D., Somerville MA, and Sean P. O'Neill, Portland OR. His long-term goal is to increase the number of clubs, tournaments, and countries using the system. The short-term objective is to keep everything working smoothly.
Product used

Challenges faced

Our cooperation started a couple of decades ago when our client accidentally read about MyDAC online on some developer forum. Long ago, there was an attempt to use another product, but it had some bad bugs.

David needed a way for the rating processor written in Delphi and running on a Windows computer to communicate with a MySQL (now MariaDB) database on the web server.
Supporting the latest versions of MySQL, including support for the new features.
Improving performance and reducing the need for complex SQL coding by providing advanced data-access components such as TMyConnection, TMyQuery, TMyCommand.

It was only the beginning for Ratings Central and David was developing the first version of the system. Before that, they had a primitive version that ran offline.

"It does exactly what I need. It makes the system possible. It is a key component of the architecture."
David J. Marcus, Ph.D.
Owner of Ratings Central

Results achieved

High-performance data access to MySQL databases: MyDAC provides fast data access to MySQL databases, allowing users to work with large amounts of data quickly and efficiently.

Support for various development environments: MyDAC supports various development environments such as Delphi, C++Builder, and Lazarus, making it easy for developers to integrate with their existing projects.

Advanced data access features: MyDAC provides advanced data access features such as server-side cursors, BLOB fields, and stored procedures, allowing users to work with complex data structures and perform advanced data manipulation tasks.

Easy deployment and maintenance: MyDAC is easy to deploy and maintain, with no additional runtime libraries required. Users can easily distribute their applications without worrying about compatibility issues.

In summary, MyDAC helps our customers to achieve better performance, easy data access, advanced features, and improved security when working with databases.

Key features David is Excited about

Written in Delphi

MyDAC by Devart is written for Delphi. It is a data access component for Delphi and C++Builder that provides high-performance data access to MySQL databases. It allows Delphi and C++Builder developers to easily connect to and work with MySQL databases in their applications. MyDAC supports all versions of Delphi, including Delphi XE8 and later, as well as C++Builder, Lazarus, and other development environments.

Available source code

The Enterprise version and the Professional version of MyDAC include the source code, which means you can modify the source code to fit your specific needs. Specifically for David, source code makes it easy to take advantage of the full power of the library.

Full Unicode support

This means it supports all Unicode characters and can handle non-English characters and scripts correctly. This makes MyDAC a suitable option for applications that need to work with multilingual data.

For David, full Unicode support is necessary because Ratings Central has users all over the world.

Unicode in MyDAC includes

  • Support for UTF-8 and UTF-16 character sets.
  • Support for multi-byte character sets like utf8mb4, gbk, etc.
  • Support Unicode data types such as nvarchar, nchar, ntext, etc.
  • Support for Unicode strings and characters in Delphi and C++Builder.


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