How Tayyab Ilyas became
90% more productive
with dbForge Studio for MySQL

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Maven Consultancy FZCO provides end-to-end technology consulting and managed services in a fully integrated, packaged service delivery model. The approaches and capabilities of Maven Consultancy are built upon tried and tested best practices in order to guide the businesses of their clients and provide them with sustainable competitive advantages.
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Challenges faced

Tayyab was never a big fan of SQL coding - yet his project made it a necessity. It was not his primary focus, and for him it was not that easy to write MySQL queries without visualization, let alone debug them without specialized tools at hand. In a while, the accumulated scope of tasks became overly time-consuming.

Regular SQL coding used to take too much time
There were no proper means of data visualization
Free tools did not offer strong code debugging features

After a few free tools were tried and thoroughly explored, it became obvious that Tayyab needed something more powerful at his disposal. So, after a brief research, he finally embarked on a free month-long trial of dbForge Studio for MySQL. This is where his requirements were addressed most precisely.

"I use the Studio most of the time when I need to write and troubleshoot queries, and it works very well for my requirements. Mostly I use visual query building - and with its help, I have saved my time, which is money. And now my customers get a better response time from me."
Tayyab Ilyas
Tayyab Ilyas
Managed Services Manager at Maven Consultancy FZCO
Maven Consultancy FZCO
Maven Consultancy FZCO

Results achieved

Increased daily performance

Tayyab estimated that he nearly doubled his daily performance with the help of dbForge Studio, and the scope no longer was an obstacle. He was particularly fond of the following features.

Key features Tayyab is excited about

Visual Query Builder

The integrated Query Builder is an advanced tool that facilitates the generation of MySQL queries of any complexity on visual diagrams, with no need for SQL coding. You can build, group, and arrange complex tables, create JOINs, as well as add and modify conditions using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Syntax correction

Instant syntax check is yet another feature that Tayyab found vital to his daily activities. The syntax validator scans the code you are typing and helps you spot typos and errors with convenient red highlighting. That's how you can fix everything immediately and rest assured your code is clean and valid.

Database synchronization

The third major feature favored by Tayyab is database synchronization, which comprises identification and deployment of differences in MySQL schemas and table data. There's a lot of useful stuff that comes with this feature, such as CLI-powered scheduled synchronization and generation of comparison reports.

dbForge Studio for MySQL

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