How dbForge Studio for MySQL
helped Chan Chun Seong cut
database deployment time by 50%

Chan Chun Seong

About the customer

Chan Chun Seong is a Data Architect at an outsourcing company that delivers business solutions and services through state-of-the-art technologies and unique consulting approaches. His company is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and has extensive engagements and strong partnerships with organizations of all sizes and industries, including finances, consumer goods and retail, telecommunications, education, and high-tech manufacturing.

Challenges faced

This story revolves around a software development company that frequently works with database-centered projects and wants to enhance the performance of its routine operations. They have been managing a variety of MySQL databases across multiple environments, with a focus on regular usage of stored procedures, custom functions and triggers.

But overtime a need arose to optimize their routine work. They had to sync all databases schemas manually, which became a tremendous scope of excessive work. Finally, a decision was made to employ a more advanced tool that would embrace customizable database comparison and synchronization.

Manual synchronization of multiple database schemas
Manual work with stored procedures, triggers, and custom functions
Slow identification and elimination of errors before deployment

The solution was found in dbForge Studio for MySQL, an all-encompassing integrated environment for MySQL and MariaDB databases. It was a definite level up in comparison with the tools that Chan Chun Seong's team had used previously—and the actual results did not keep them waiting.

"The automated schema comparison is the life saver in our environment. It helps us to identify any out-of-sync schemas and enables side-by-side comparison, which we are using to manage and compare business logics within the stored procedures.
I would also say it has cut down our DB deployment activities (from preparation to actual deployment) by more than 50%. And more importantly, now the system is able to compare all the changes, further eliminating human errors when we are preparing for deployment."
Chan Chun Seong
Chan Chun Seong
Data Architect

Results achieved

Time spent on routine database deployment
Overall productivity growth

dbForge Studio proved to be an invaluable tool for database management. Activities like schema and table design, query performance tuning, as well as schema and data comparison across multiple environments got an impressive boost in terms of speed and reliability. The chance and cost of human error were also greatly reduced. The entire workflow—development to staging to production—was effectively streamlined.

Key features Chan Chun Seong is excited about

Schema comparison

Failsafe comparison and synchronization of MySQL schemas was one of the main reasons why Chan Chun Seong's company adopted dbForge Studio. Even with complex object dependencies, the process remains simple. The Studio helps conveniently preview comparison results, detect possible errors early on, and generate synchronization scripts (more on that below).

Automated script generation

Chan Chun Seong's development team runs weekly sprints where they set deployment schedules for the upcoming week. dbForge Studio for MySQL helps them prepare almost instantly by auto-generating deployment scripts which remove the need for manual tracking of schema changes—the tracking that previously used to take several hours.

Environment categories

Operations with multiple databases and environments take lots of time and effort. To make things much simpler and faster, dbForge Studio offers a number of productivity enhancements, one of which is assigning colors to different environment categories. This makes navigation and switching between the required development, staging, and production databases extremely easy.

dbForge Studio for MySQL

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