Floowedit needed a solution to automate the tests that they had been doing manually until then


About customer

At Floowedit, we develop our own CMS that we sell in SaaS mode. Our web agency works mainly in French-speaking Switzerland. We are now expanding into the rest of Europe differentiating ourselves from other agencies and DIY solutions by providing a premium service and very competitive prices.
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Challenges faced

Software developers at Floowedit needed a fast, customizable tool for generating realistic test data. dbForge Data Generator for MySQL showed better performance and reliability out of other solutions tested. For these reasons, the tool was chosen as the most powerful and efficient.

Run software tests in real conditions
Generate large amounts of test data quickly
Automate the testing process
"We couldn't test our software so thoroughly because it took too much time to generate test data in quantities. Now, with dbForge Data Generator for MySQL, our software has become more reliable because we can better anticipate possible bugs by inserting a large volume of data, which was not always the case before."
Swen Röthlisberger
Swen Röthlisberger
CEO & Founder of Floowedit

Results achieved

Time saved on dummy data generation
Testing speed

dbForge Data Generator for MySQL allowed us to significantly improve our quality control to ensure that our software product meets its quality goals at the best value to the customer. The tool speeded up our tests run by approximately 200%. I would definitely recommend buying Data Generator, it's a great solution.

Key Features Floowedit agency is excited about

Generation of random users

The primary benefit we've received using dbForge Data Generator for MySQL is time saving. Generating dummy users profiles used to take too much time, now we can do it in seconds.

Random image generation

All that is needed is just select a folder to load files from. What is more, it is possible to specify a file mask for the files to be uploaded.

Random address generation

We often need to generate a bunch of meaningful addresses as test data for an application. The possibility to configure generators for our needs is a big advantage for us.

Data Generator for MySQL

A mighty GUI for populating MySQL schemas with realistic test data

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