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Freelance Database Developer

Dmitrij Kultasev, a Database developer at Upwork was looking for a MySQL tool similar to SSDT for SQL Server, which can work with database objects as a project and allow him to easily organize all the objects, store them to the version control system and then deploy the changes manually and/or with command line. The dbForge Studio for MySQL tool perfectly satisfied all the requirements and introduced the functionality that significantly facilitated the database development process.

"Just listen: snippets, IntelliSense, data modeling, data generation, query builder, stored procedures debugging and much much more. I love this tool!"
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Dmitrij Kultasev, Freelance Database Developer
Ability to organize database code for version controlling and code review
With help of dbForge projects you can synchronize your database with the project, put it to the version control system and then work with it like with any other code: create Pull Requests, perform code review, branching, and so on.

An effective way to manage delta/migration scripts and share them with the customer
dbForge generates delta scripts automatically, which saves just a LOT of time. It makes all hard work for you and generates the exact delta script needed for the exact environment. Additionally, all human errors went away and the majority of the deployment troubles simply gone.

Writing more efficient code
A good tool can save coding time a lot and dbForge is helping here too. Snippets, IntelliSense, code refactoring, keyboard hotkeys, and much much more. I code up to 2x faster with dbForge rather than any other MySQL GUI tool I ever tried.

Key Features Dmitrij is excited about

Code completion

The Code completion feature allows you to substantially reduce the time spent on typing SQL code. And an extensive code snippets library notably boosts your coding.

Code refactoring

With dbForge Studio, you no longer need to rewrite your code from scratch to improve it, the tool is perfect for errorless applying minor changes to your database.

Data Generator

The IDE can boast 200+ generators to populate tables with frequently-used data types. In addition, the command-line functionality allows automating the data generation process.

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