How dbForge Studio helped
Gold Systems find a perfect IDE for switching from Oracle to SQL Server

Gold Systems

About the customer

The Ambient Water Quality Monitoring System (AWQMS) was developed by Gold Systems, and it has now become a popular cloud-based data management system utilized by almost 100 state and tribal agencies across the United States. The company is currently in the process of expanding its line of environmental products — GS Elements. The team's goal is to increase the number of government and corporate clients that utilize their products.
United States

Challenges faced

The company recently underwent a transition from Oracle to SQL Server for one of their premier products, which prompted them to confront various challenges:

Certain limitations of SSMS in comparison to the Oracle tool that was previously utilized by the company.
A search for an alternative SQL tool providing comparable functionality to PL/SQL Developer.
Establishing a balance between the feature package and the cost-effectiveness when considering a new IDE.

Unfortunately, TOAD, ApexSQL, and Redgate failed to offer the requisite functionality after switching the database management system. After searching the web, Gold Systems gave dbForge Studio for SQL Server a chance to address the challenge. The tool was able to fill in the gaps with its clean and intuitive IDE, robust support for SQL formatting and SQL generation, as well as its Schema and Data Comparison tools.

"This Visual Studio-like IDE is comfortable for me. I enjoy its assistance when writing SQL, including time-saving join creation (based on foreign keys) and table aliases that are much like what I would create from scratch."
Ryan Jorgensen
Ryan Jorgensen
Technical Team Lead/Product Manager
Gold Systems Inc.
Gold Systems Inc.

Results achieved

In addition to offering the most comprehensive feature set at a reasonable price, dbForge Studio for SQL Server also boasts a straightforward and user-friendly Backup and Restore interface. Furthermore, its ability to maintain a record of executed SQL commands proves to be immensely useful when the team needs to replicate a task that is similar to one that was recently completed.

Key Features Gold Systems is Excited About

Code formatting

This feature allows formatting SQL code according to predefined or custom formatting rules. This feature can save time and improve code consistency by automatically formatting code to meet organizational standards. Additionally, users can preview the formatted code before applying changes to ensure the desired result.

Code completion

The code assistance module is one of the most popular features of the IDE. It includes a whole set of perks that help the developers produce clean, robust, and 100% accurate code almost twice as fast. The statement suggestions, code snippets, syntax checker, and code formatting simplify the developers' lives significantly.

Object management

This feature facilitates the management of SQL Server objects such as tables, views, stored procedures, functions, and triggers. With object management, users can view, edit, create, modify, and delete database objects. Moreover, the tool's intuitive interface allows users to easily navigate through complex object dependencies and manage database security settings.

SQL generation

The SQL generation feature in dbForge Studio takes SQL object management to the next level by enabling users to generate scripts for creating, altering, or dropping database objects. These scripts can be saved for later use or scheduled for execution using Task Scheduler for Windows or similar software.

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