How HealthCare Appraisers scaled their data resource capabilities using dbForge Studio for MySQL

HealthCare Appraisers

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HealthCare Appraisers is a company whose mission is to deliver independent, objective and reliable healthcare valuation and advisory expertise, based on integrity and collaboration.
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Challenges faced

It's no secret that time constraints and competing priorities force modern companies to learn and adopt new business practices and software. HealthCare Appraisers is no exception - a stable growing company dedicated to providing hospitals and health centers with valuation services, seeking to advance both internal and external data resource capabilities, optimize daily work and automate it wherever possible.

But the trick here is to pick the right tools for the job. And this is where their team faced a problem. The performance of the database tools they were using kept failing to catch up with the company's growth. For instance, it used to take too long to export datasets to CSV and then manually convert CSV files to the Excel format that the end users wanted.

The drawn-out workflow of free database tools
Slow processing of incoming datasets
Lack of advanced functionality to optimize daily routine

After a while, the HealthCare Appraisers team finally found a suitable solution - dbForge Studio for MySQL. It was eventually chosen over its rivals for three main reasons: seamless work with MariaDB and its additional storage engines beyond traditional MySQL, reliable and easy-to-use backup features, and rich export and import features, which cover the most common data file types widely used by businesses.

"We have optimized indexing, INSERTs, and overall processing times several hundred fold since using dbForge Studio for MySQL. What's more, now we process new government data sets within 24 hours of receiving it, as opposed to the week-long process it used to take."
Nicholas Newsad
Nicholas Newsad
Director at HealthCare Appraisers

Results achieved

The adoption of dbForge Studio for MySQL led to a number of considerable performance boosts. Sequences of stored procedure routines have become easy to initiate with a button click. The GUI is always available and ready for custom query research. Additionally, custom queries are faster to process with easy export to the Excel format required by the business analysts.

Parts of the workflow have been automated as well. For instance, the team processes over a dozen large datasets each month via an automated set of stored ETL routines (procedures). The standard transformed data is automatically processed and exported to file systems with only minor human oversight. Custom queries and research are performed at the query level using the GUI.

Key features Nicholas is excited about

Import and export to XLSX

Data import and export cover 10+ formats each, have a slew of customization options, and offer handy wizards to make the operations fast.

Instant GUI click access to views and procedures

The focus of dbForge tools is to provide a graphical user interface that helps the user to perform all the required operations as fast as possible and in the simplest way.

Instant GUI click access to the backup and restore functionality

This functionality allows automating and scheduling backup and restore operations. Backup can be performed for both database structures and data. Settings can be configured using a convenient wizard.

dbForge Studio for MySQL

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