How dbForge Data Generator contributed to generating realistic data with predictive analytics for a research project

University of Ottawa

About the customer

Daniel Amyot is a professor in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Ottawa.
He has numerous research interests, including Software Engineering, Scenario- and Goal-oriented Requirements Engineering, User Requirements Notation, Healthcare Informatics, Legal and Regulatory Compliance, and more.
In addition to teaching, Daniel Amyot also authors books and participates in scientific research.

Challenges faced

Daniel Amyot initiated a research project aimed at creating an informational dashboard model specifically for addressing social housing issues in Canada. However, progress in the development stage was hindered due to the following challenges:

Inability to generate significant volumes of data
High demand for consistent and actual data
Insufficient resources for predictive analytics

As the data issue became a stumbling block for the project, a swift resolution was necessary. This led to the decision to search for an appropriate tool to address the issue. dbForge Data Generator emerged as the solution, helping prepare the required data and allowing the project to proceed without interruption.

"dbForge Data Generator for SQL Server unblocked our research project! Indirectly, this will help real data providers understand our objectives and eventually share real data with us."
Daniel Amyot
Daniel Amyot

Results achieved

dbForge Data Generator for SQL Server proved to be a driving component that propelled further work forward. Thanks to the tool, Daniel Amyot was finally able to prepare a large volume of test data for the research project. This breakthrough not only allowed work to continue, but also served as an indirect invitation for real data providers to better comprehend the project's goals.

dbForge Data Generator for SQL Server successfully coped with the task at 100%. The tool incorporates over 200 meaningful SQL data generators with customizable options. Consequently, the project accomplished its ultimate mission - the professor created the desired dashboard prototype.

Key features Daniel Amyot is excited about

User-friendly interface

dbForge Data Generator is designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind. The tool has a clean and organized layout that allows users to access various data generation options and settings. All the menus, buttons, and controls are thoughtfully placed to locate and utilize the necessary features.

Test data generators

dbForge Data Generator provides meaningful test data generators that empower users to create relevant datasets for their SQL Server environments. These generators have various options to populate databases with records that are close to real-world scenarios. Whether it's generating names, addresses, dates, or any other type of data, the tool ensures that the generated data is not just random, but contextually relevant.

Support for constraints during data generation

One of the key highlights of this support is the tool's ability to enforce primary key, foreign key, unique key, and check constraints during the generation process. This ensures that the generated data maintains the referential integrity and consistency required by the underlying database schema. Additionally, dbForge Data Generator for SQL Server allows users to enable or disable constraints as needed when creating records.

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