How Seward Consulting Ltd. achieved 75% productivity growth with dbForge Studio for SQL Server

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About the customer

Seward Consulting Ltd. is a software development team that delivers innovative products and custom solutions for both governmental and private sectors within the USA and Canada. It creates new products and also provides maintenance and support for legacy projects.

Challenges faced

While working on customers' projects, developers suffered from frequent stability issues. The tools they used in the Development Team could not grant the required functionality.

Instability provoked failures, and the developers had to spend a lot of time fixing them. Then, they had to catch up on the initial schedule. The need for more efficient solutions became burning as they encountered more and more challenges along the way.

Manage databases used at the back end of web applications
View, edit, and maintain tables in SQL Server databases
Develop and modify stored procedures

The Development Team tried several products before finding dbForge Studio for SQL Server which provided the stability, easiness of use, and robust functionality they all needed so much.

"Works very intuitively and supports features we require most of all: stored procedure development, table and view maintenance, and easy searching for DB objects."
Vaughn Seward
Vaughn Seward
Development Team Manager

Results achieved

Overall productivity
Staff efficiency

The members of the Development Team turn to dbForge Studio for SQL Server whenever they deal with databases in the applications they deliver. The software proved its effectiveness.

The team could process the requirements much faster and react to them appropriately. The Studio let them accelerate product delivery. The company can provide much better service to more satisfied customers.

Key features Vaughn Seward is excited about

Stored procedure, view, and table editing

dbForge Studio for SQL Server allows you to easily create and edit tables, views, stored procedures, and other database elements. You can do it in a visual mode to make the process faster and eliminate spelling errors.

Search for database objects

You can easily search for objects and locate them across several databases. The convenient navigation and precise reporting of the search results make these tasks straightforward.

Data search and management

You can search for specific SQL data in tables, stored procedures, views, and functions, and sort, and filter results. Then you can proceed to the necessary fragment and alter the code immediately.

dbForge Studio for SQL Server

Best SQL Server IDE for effective database development

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