How dbForge Studio for MySQL helps the THWS students obtain data literacy

THWS University

About the customer

THWS, the Technical University of Applied Sciences in Würzburg-Schweinfurt, Germany, is one of the largest universities of applied sciences in Bavaria. Established in 1971, the university has educated countless students, with a focus on high-tech fields and business analytics, business intelligence, and business administration. The goal of the university is to provide students with the best possible preparation for professional challenges.
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Challenges faced

The courses offered at THWS aim to educate students in data literacy and other subjects. An important aspect is data management, and students have to study databases, though many of them aren't computer scientists. Still, they have to use databases in daily work. This presents a significant challenge for Professor Butscher.

Provide the students with real-world examples to support the database theory
Get a generic tool that non-informatics specialists will find easy to work with
Cover all database tasks with a single integrated solution

Professor Butscher tried several third-party tools before opting for dbForge Studio for MySQL. He chose it for its user-friendliness for beginners, comprehensive GUI, and powerful visualization capacities.

"...the highest benefit was to have to use only ONE tool for all important database tasks."
Professor Butscher
Robert Butscher

Results achieved

dbForge Studio for MySQL is an essential tool for instructors teaching data management courses. Its ability to quickly generate test data greatly aids in designing and testing data models. The user-friendly interface and visualization of SQL queries and their execution results make it easier for students to learn and manage databases.

Key features Professor Butscher is excited about

Data Generator

The tool generates realistic test data quickly and efficiently with over 200 predefined data generators and the ability for users to create their own. It is capable of producing any volume of data with a wide range of column data types. Additionally, data population scripts can be executed manually, scheduled, or saved for future use.

Visual Query Builder

This advanced tool allows users to easily create SQL queries of any complexity using a visual drag-and-drop interface. This speeds up query building, reduces errors, and does not require SQL knowledge. The tool automatically generates SQL code for the query in a text editor, making the process more efficient and user-friendly.

Database Designer

The Designer simplifies the database schemas construction with visual diagrams and drag-and-drop functionality. It eliminates the need for writing complex scripts and saves time while ensuring accuracy. A database diagram can be saved or converted into an executable SQL script. Additionally, the database model is synchronized with the server in real time, allowing for both forward and reverse engineering.

dbForge Studio for MySQL

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