How National Examination Center ensured stability, improved performance and productivity of their team using SDAC


About the customer

The activities of the National Examinations Centre (Ric) are closely related to its role as the central institution for external knowledge testing in Slovenia. Ric was originally designed with the task of technically conducting the matura exam, which should enable candidates to enter the university programs of Slovenian universities.
Product used

Challenges faced

Without looking for other tools, they found info about SDAC on the internet. They used SDAC as a primary database component to access SQL databases from the information system (Examination Information System).

Performance limitations: slow data retrieval and manipulation, the impact of data-intensive operations on the overall performance of the system.
Complex data management: complex data structures, such as support for stored procedures, views, and triggers, make it harder to work with large and complex databases.
Limited development resources: the need for extensive coding that stops developers from focusing on more critical tasks.

Our client needed a stable product for accessing MS SQL Server since Delphi's built-in components were inadequate.

"It has everything we need - simple use, stability, good performance. It enhances our day-to-day work developing and maintaining our information system. We can develop faster and achieve better performance in our products."
Matjaz Urank
IT manager of National Examination Center

Results achieved

Improved performance: With its optimized data access and management features, SDAC helps improve the overall performance of the system by reducing the impact of data-intensive operations and increasing data retrieval and manipulation speeds.

Simplified data management: SDAC provides a range of tools and features that can help simplify the management of complex data structures, such as support for stored procedures, views, and triggers, making it easier to work with large and complex databases.

Increased developer productivity: SDAC provides developers with a wide range of pre-built components and tools, reducing the need for extensive coding and allowing developers to focus on more important tasks.

Better compatibility: SDAC is designed to work seamlessly with various versions of SQL Server, including the latest releases, ensuring compatibility and reducing the need for manual adjustments.

In summary, SDAC provides us with a stable product with high performance for accessing MS SQL Server.

Key features Matjaz is Excited about

Support for stored procedures

SDAC allows developers to easily create, execute, and manage stored procedures, making it easier to work with complex data structures and perform advanced data manipulation tasks.

Advanced data filtering and sorting

With the help of SDAC, developers can filter and sort data based on complex criteria, providing more powerful and flexible data management capabilities.

Automatic data updating in TMSQuery

TMSQuery is a component of SDAC that allows developers to access and manipulate data in a SQL Server database using a simple and intuitive interface. With TMSQuery, developers can set the "AutoUpdate" property to "True," which will automatically update the data in the query when changes are made to the underlying data. This feature makes it easy to keep the data in the query in sync with the data in the database without requiring manual updates. This can help improve the efficiency and accuracy of data management tasks and reduce the risk of errors.


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