How Fretek increased the overall productivity by 70% after implementing dotConnect for SQLite


About the customer

Fretek is a software development company that creates applications for Windows and macOS, such as booking systems, time registration systems, various eCommerce solutions, big or small, web applications, and websites. The company sets its mission as creating and distributing products easy to use by all customers, even non-experienced. The company treats every case individually, choosing the best solution for each client.
Product used

Challenges faced

Fretek was developing software for financial services. It needed a functional, stable, and not too expensive solution for working with databases to create an end-user product that would be affordable to the clients. The key requirements were:

Support for SQLite, a free database system
Simple integration
Covering all tasks on SQLite-based apps development

After searching on the Web, Mr. Fredrik Edström, Fretek Owner, chose Devart dotConnect for SQLite for its simplicity of distribution and use and attractive price.

"The simple method of making database connections and native protocols are what I expected. It improved my day-to-day working routine itself."
Fredrik Edström
CEO at Fretek

Results achieved

Increased in productivity

Fretek integrated dotConnect for SQLite in all database management and backup management jobs for the software the company worked on. This data provider made all development and quality assurance tasks much faster. The simplicity of implementation and usage let the company save time and effort, and the full support of SQLite allowed for saving a lot of development costs.

The customers became happier with having the simple, modern, and powerful tool for financial reporting with no extra costs

Key features Fredrik is excited about

The backup functions

The data provider also enables Integration Services and exporting and importing data to and from SQLite databases.

Easiness of use

dotConnect for SQLite provides advanced integration with Visual Studio. Also, it offers many GUI tools, including the DataSet tools, to improve the productivity and speed of performance.

Complete compatibility with SQLite

The software supports the SQLite engine from version 3 and higher. Besides, it supports .NET Core and Entity Framework Core.

dotConnect fot SQLite

Get enhanced ORM-enabled data provider for SQLite and develop .NET applications working with SQLIte data quickly and easily!

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