How Fox Computer Service improved the functionality of released software with UniDAC for Delphi

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About the customer

FOX Computer Service Michal Lis is a small business that creates custom Windows-based applications, such as ERP and GIS systems. The company also supports such programs and ensures compliance with the current changes in legal provisions.
Product used

Challenges faced

The company always needed Dac components to ensure the quality of work. The new and burning challenge was rewriting the products to SQL-based methods. The business owner needed stable working components to guarantee meeting the following demands:

Support for different Delphi versions, including old versions, such as BDS 2006
Support for Lazarus, as the company wants to migrate to this IDE in the nearest future
Independence from Embarcadero

After checking several alternatives, Mr. Michal Lis chose the Devart Universal Data Access Components (UniDAC). This one solution resolved all the challenges mentioned above. Also, the provider offered attractive prices and quick and comprehensive support.

"The simple method of making database connections and native protocols are what I expected. It improved my day-to-day working routine itself."
Michal Lis
Michal Lis
CEO at FOX Computer Service

Results achieved

The company now applies UniDac to create applications that use databases of different types. In particular, the company had migrated its products from Pervasive into PostgreSQL. With the help of the UniDAC solution, the produced software became much more functional in data browsing and analysis.

As UniDAC supports all most popular databases directly, there is no need for downloading and installing additional client libraries. This solution establishes connections with databases much simpler than its alternatives. Thus, it saves time and effort for the necessary operations, making the work more productive.

Key features Contract Resources (NZ) is Excited about

Support in Delphi

It was the primary reason for switching to UniDAC from other solutions. Their owners stopped releasing components for past versions of Delphi, requiring the users to update them. However, the Devart UniDAC solution allows the users to stick to their favorite Delphi version and not sacrifice any productivity moment.

Support for many databases

UniDAC is compatible with such popular systems as Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, SQLite, Salesforce, QuickBooks, SugarCRM, ZohoCRM, etc. The interface is server-independent. Users can change the client engines easily and switch between the database servers to ensure the proper performance of cross-database applications.

Support for Lazarus

The solution now ensures complete support for Lazarus 2.0.12 and Free Pascal 3.2.0. As the company plans to switch to this IDE, using UniDAC will allow the specialists to develop all the necessary, multi-functional applications and use all the popular databases in the process.


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