How Francesco Todini
unified database operations
under dbForge Studio for MySQL

Francesco Todini

About the customer

Francesco Todini is a database developer at a leading international manufacturer and supplier of advanced electronic components, including sensor, control, and antenna solutions.

Challenges faced

It is not that great when you have to switch between disparate tools, quite often incompatible with each other, in order to manage your databases. It is far better when you have an all-in-one tool that is seamlessly integrated into your workflow, allowing you to tackle a variety of tasks with unprecedented effectiveness and speed. Such is the case that we are going to tell you about.

Indeed, not everything was that easy in the client's camp. It took them laborious efforts to keep well-formed database structures for their applications, to maintain the consistency of data, and, on top of it all, to facilitate easy communication and fast decision-making. They wanted to gain more control over their data set on the cloud and overcome a few obstacles on the way.

Low flexibility in database development and management
Insufficient performance of the applied database tools
The need to handle all tasks with a single solution

After the determined decision to find and adopt more advanced means of database development and management, dbForge Studio for MySQL was discovered, and it quickly proved to be that one solution that allowed to tackle every task with ease.

"I am a user of both dbForge Studio for MySQL and for SQL Server. Through my personal experience with these two products, I was able to show other people how effective you can become with them. This led to the development of an internal project that made it possible to take back our data from one cloud solution that had been chosen years before and integrate them in a newly formed in-house database.
The product fulfills all expectations: it is the central point for creating and managing our new database structure, which allows rapid development of views, queries and stored procedures that serve the needs of the different front ends that are being and are going to be developed."
Francesco Todini
Database Developer
Francesco Todini
Francesco Todini

Results achieved

Single solution for all database tasks
Increased daily performance

Besides eliminating the need to use multiple products, dbForge Studio for MySQL gave a notable boost of at least 30% to Francesco's performance. As for the tool itself, the biggest improvement in terms of speed was measured while accessing and controlling the new cloud database directly (which was not the case with the cloud PPM solution adopted previously).

Key features Francesco is excited about

Smooth user experience

However functional your software product is, it will not be able to succeed without delivering smooth user experience and quick access to all features, with a clean and intuitive user interface as a backbone.

Database diagrams

The Database Designer of dbForge Studio provides you with database diagrams, which are used to create, analyze, reverse-engineer, print, and customize MySQL databases. Additionally, they allow viewing foreign key relations, displaying database objects with properties, and executing stored procedures.

Data and schema synchronization

Database comparison and synchronization tools, available both in dbForge Studio and in a standalone Compare Bundle for MySQL, help save lots of your precious time on comparing schemas and data, finding and analyzing the differences, as well as setting up failsafe deployment of the required changes.

dbForge Studio for MySQL

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