Learn how Proxima Software doubled the speed of database development and updates with dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL

Proxima Software

About the customer

Proxima Software di Vanini Mirco is an IT consultancy firm specializing in mobile personnel automation, logistics, warehouse automation, industrial process automation, and related areas. The company has a proven track record of delivering high-tech software solutions to meet the diverse needs of its clients at both local and national levels.
Microsoft MVP
since 2012
years in operation

Challenges faced

Mirco Vanini, recognized as Microsoft MVP for the Developer Technologies category, managed the process of transitioning several customers' projects from Microsoft SQL Server to PostgreSQL.

One project involved significant code rewriting for an order processing system with a legacy codebase. Another project involved migrating retail programs that relied on Microsoft SQL Server as their storage solution to PostgreSQL.

During these transitions, the team faced some challenges that needed to be resolved promptly:

Accelerate the Postgres-specific code writing
Efficiently analyze and optimize the code
Streamline database schema updates

Available third-party tools didn't quite meet the PostgreSQL's specificity. Mirco Vanini did extensive research online and reached out to several product vendors. Ultimately, he chose dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL, which offered all the necessary tools in one easy-to-use package available on Windows and macOS platforms.

"It has certainly halved both update and optimization times… We have reduced errors in update processes to zero."
Mirco Vanini
Mirco Vanini
Senior Developer, Microsoft MVP
Proxima Software
Proxima Software

Results achieved

productivity boost
error-free updates

After integrating dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL at work, Mirco Vanini observed a significant boost in productivity for all aspects of Postgres-related jobs. The platform's powerful features enabled developers to code more quickly and efficiently. Overall, dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL helped the Proxima Software team reduce their time and effort by up to 50%.

Key features Mirco is excited about

IntelliSense-like code completion

dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL offers context-aware, PostgreSQL-specific suggestions. It recommends individual keywords, object names, and complete code phrases, helping users minimize manual typing, thus letting them enhance code quality. Also, the SQL editor includes a syntax validation tool, a code snippets library, a powerful code formatter, and more.

Query Profiler

The Query Profiler feature enables users to review, analyze, and optimize query performance. It presents query plan information visually, detailing the execution plan hierarchy to help users identify and address performance issues. A significant benefit of this feature is the ability to compare profiling results after each query modification. This allows users to select the most efficient version of the query before executing it.

Schema Compare

The Schema Compare feature simplifies the process of comparing and synchronizing PostgreSQL and Amazon Redshift databases. It identifies all schema differences and generates precise SQL scripts to deploy database changes on both on-premise and cloud-based platforms. Additionally, users can automate recurring schema comparison and synchronization tasks via the command line.

dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL

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