How a lecturer from the University of Brawijaya started managing research data with dbForge Studio for MySQL

University of Brawijaya

About the customer

Established in 1963, the University of Brawijaya is one of the leading, internationally accredited universities in Indonesia with more than 60,000 students in various vocational, bachelor, master, doctoral, professional, and medical specialist programs. The client, Achmad Arwan, is a lecturer at the said university.

Challenges faced

The University of Brawijaya, located in Malang, is indeed one of the most revered educational institutions in Indonesia, recognized as one of the elite campuses that consistently makes it to the Top-5 rankings of national universities. Our story's about one of the lecturers, Achmad Arwan, who was in search of a proper tool that would help him effortlessly access, inspect, and analyze research data stored in multiple MySQL databases. However, there were a few challenges that he had to deal with every day.

Achmad required an easy-to-use and effective tool for data management and analysis
The database tools he used previously were rather incomplete feature-wise
In the absence of a suitable tool, his regular work with data was time-consuming

The key feature in Achmad's case was the aggregation and structuring of data in pivot tables. And it wasn't until dbForge Studio for MySQL that he found a perfect set of tools for this task.

"Your tool is complete, it is easy to use, and it simplifies my work with pivot tables greatly."
Achmad Arwan
Achmad Arwan
Lecturer at the University of Brawijaya
University of Brawijaya
University of Brawijaya

Results achieved

personal productivity growth

Just as Achmad gave the Studio a test drive, his productivity went up almost immediately, and he noted a sharper focus on what he's doing. The simplicity of the Studio's user interface, paired with its powerful functionality, did the trick, and now Achmad is actively using the Studio to collect and analyze his research data without any unnecessary distractions.

Key features Achmad is excited about

Pivot tables

First and foremost, let's talk about pivot tables, a perfect solution for those who need to process, summarize, and analyze large amounts of data without having to write overcomplicated queries. With pivot tables, you can transpose rows into columns in no time, rearrange the output as many times as you want, and get immediate insights into large, detailed data sets. Additionally, you can build pivot charts to present your data visually and create compelling reports based on your findings.

Import from multiple databases

The Studio's smart wizards for data import and export support up to 14 most popular data formats and provide flexible customization options. Additionally, this functionality delivers conveniently reusable templates and automation of recurring tasks from the command line.

Database comparison and synchronization

The much-appreciated comparison and synchronization functionality proves to be an invaluable assistant when it comes to comparing schemas and table data, locating and analyzing the differences, and ensuring safe deployment of changes to a target database. Instant generation of migration scripts and comparison reports is also included.

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