SBZ Systems
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SBZ Systems develops software for trading businesses, services and hospitality.

SBZ Systems, a Greek vendor of software for trading businesses, services and hospitality, was looking for a data access solution that would allow it to grow faster and improve connectivity between its software and database management systems such as Firebird and SQLite, on Windows, Android, and iOS.

The company had previously tried FireDAC, but then migrated to UniDAC as it offered more database connections, faster development and dbMonitor — a tool for per-component tracing of database events. Configuring a connection to any database now takes less than two minutes, which is a great time- and cost-saver.

Before migrating to FireBird/SQLite many years ago, the company used Paradox. UniDAC made the migration very easy and the customer experience has been greatly improved after changing the database from Paradox to Firebird. The software is now faster and safer with Firebird and UniDAC.

"...very understandable components with many functions... Use Devart components for faster software development. And if you stuck their great support will save you!"
Solon Zenetzis
Solon Zenetzis, Software Analyst
Helps to grow faster and improves performance
Virtual tables - components for creating
in-memory data storage

More database connections
dbMonitor - a tool for per-component
tracing of database events

Understandable components
with many functions
UniScript — great tool that helps
run multiple SQL scripts

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