How Matthew MacSuga learned to create innovative database designs and write queries better and faster

Matthew MacSuga

About the customer

Matthew MacSuga is an accomplished contractor with a passion for building exceptional software solutions for end-users and customers. As a software engineer, he is dedicated to keeping up with the latest technological advancements and leveraging the best software development and database management tools available out there.
Product used

Challenges faced

Our client was in search of a reliable product that would enable him to write SQL queries with greater efficiency while also addressing a number of challenges he was facing:

No IntelliSense: lack of real-time code completion suggestions and other context-aware features in other integrated development environments.
High cost: numerous solutions available in the market offer too little value for too high a cost, failing to meet the basic quality-price ratio.
Limited features: this can lead to spending more time on extensive coding, which may prevent developers from concentrating on crucial tasks.

After exploring several alternatives, such as Redgate, Matthew came across SQL Complete on the Internet. With its advanced features and intuitive interface, Matthew was able to significantly improve his SQL writing game, resulting in greater efficiency and accuracy.

"It makes my life easier and greatly boosts my efficiency. I am known as the SQL guru by my colleagues, little do they know!"
Matthew MacSuga
Sr. Software Engineer

Results achieved

Improved performance: SQL Complete improves performance by reducing the time required to write and debug SQL code, resulting in faster application development.

Increased developer productivity: with its intelligent code completion, parameter info, and SQL formatting, SQL Complete helps developers write SQL code more efficiently.

Database insights: SQL Complete allows for better data analysis and interpretation that can include identifying trends, patterns, and correlations. It can help make informed decisions and optimize their operations.

Key features Matthew is excited about

IntelliSense-style SQL autocompletion

The tool provides all the necessary features to facilitate rapid and efficient coding: intelligent context-based recommendations, immediate statement expansion, streamlined code exploration, and object identification.


SQL Complete comes equipped with a code formatting feature that simplifies the creation, customization, and switching of formatting styles. This feature also allows for easy sharing of styles with colleagues, as well as the management and formatting of SQL scripts through a range of formatting options.

Session saving

Session Restore allows you to save your work session and restore it at a later time. It is particularly useful when you need to pause your work or switch to a different task. Additionally, it comes in handy during any interruptions that are outside of your control, such as a power outage or unexpected system shutdown.

dbForge SQL Complete

Advanced IntelliSense-style code completion add-in

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