How the SMD engineers found
a way to process millions of records faster and easier

Specialized Media Dashboard

About the customer

SMD (Specialized Media Dashboard) is an open-source media monitoring system based on Google News designed for journalists, law enforcement personnel, and climate change specialists. Currently, the company is working on an urgent project: an extensive Climate Change Crisis News database that aims to address the global warming issues that are critical for the next ten years, according to the United Nations and various environmental organizations. The system will enable the reduction of current and future eco and climate crimes, contributing to efforts to tackle global climate change.
3M articles
on Crimes & Other incidents
7M articles
on COVID-19 pandemic
1M articles
on Climate Change Crisis News
in total
Colombia, France

Challenges faced

At the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020, Specialized Media Dashboard had to analyze a large number of news articles, which presented them with several challenges:

Large volumes of information that needed to be quickly analyzed and processed.
The demand to automatically populate MariaDB databases with the obtained data.
The need for software that could sort data by categories, sub-categories, and keywords.

Unfortunately, HeidiSQL was not able to handle the large amount of data processing that the company needed. In order to solve this issue, SMD searched for an alternative tool on the Internet and decided to give dbForge Studio for MySQL and MariaDB a chance. This Integrated Development Environment (IDE) was able to manipulate and process millions of records in a faster and easier way, filling in the gaps in functionality that the competitors failed to provide.

"Thanks to the IDE's administration tools, SMD engineers were able to manipulate and process millions of records in a faster and more efficient way."
Daniel K
Daniel K.
Climate Change Crisis - Project Coordinator
Specialized Media Dashboard
Specialized Media Dashboard

Results achieved

more productive

Not only was dbForge Studio for MySQL able to handle large amounts of data, but it was also helpful in achieving full automation of new media articles processing. The articles were sorted by categories, sub-categories, and keywords and automatically populated into a Google sheet. The use of various GoogleScript, API, and other Google products allowed for the automatic export of the data to MariaDB, streamlining the entire process and enhancing productivity by 50%.

Moreover, SMD has been chosen as a finalist for the prestigious MariaDB 2023 Awards in the category of "Database Transformation of the Year". According to Daniel K., this achievement would not have been possible without the support of the Devart tools.

Key features Daniel is excited about

Data import and export

dbForge Studio for MySQL provides easy and intuitive import and export capabilities for data in MySQL databases. The feature supports various data formats like CSV, XML, JSON, Excel files, and SQL scripts. The tool also allows for data migration between different MySQL databases.

Backup and restoration

The tool's intuitive graphical user interface immensely facilitates the efficient execution of database backup and restore tasks, providing users with a convenient and well-designed platform to significantly save time and effort when developing and administering databases.

Data comparison

This feature allows for data comparison and synchronization in MySQL, Percona, and MariaDB databases and script folders. It analyzes differences, generates sync scripts, and applies changes quickly. Moreover, you can schedule regular data comparisons using the command line to automate the entire process.

dbForge Studio for MySQL

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