How AROVIC started developing better and faster stored procedures using dbForge Studio for MySQL


About the customer

AROVIC is a company whose business goal is to design and provide unique flavors, colors and fragrances that meet the quality, legality, safety and cost requirements of their customers.

Challenges faced

It is always curious to know how varied our clients' areas of expertise can be. AROVIC is a prime example—their talents translate into flavors and fragrances that become essential to the products of their clients. As a growing company, their operations need to be flexible, and their tools must be well-aligned with their evolving processes.

That said, it was only natural that the AROVIC team initially adopted free tools for their daily work with MySQL databases. But after a while they faced a few obstacles.

Lack of tools for automated debugging
Limited compatibility options of free database tools
The need to upgrade from MySQL 5.0 at least to 5.1

The AROVIC team had employed a number of alternative products—including MySQL Workbench, MySQL Query Browser, phpMyAdmin, and HeidiSQL—before they learnt of dbForge Studio for MySQL. Being an all-in-one solution, the Studio stood out against the competition owing to its powerful debugging features, stability, and rich version compatibility.

"For example, we used to have many problems developing and testing stored procedures. But now that I have this fast and reliable tool at hand, I am able to develop better and faster stored procedures for the entire company."
Manuel Avalos
Manuel Avalos
IT Manager at AROVIC

Results achieved

Now the AROVIC team has the comprehensive toolset that helps them create and manage databases, tables, views, stored procedures, events and triggers, as well as create and execute queries. As a result of the overall performance growth, the company now provides their customers with a faster response time.

Key features Manuel is excited about

Debugging of stored procedures

dbForge Studio for MySQL delivers automated debugging of stored procedures and triggers, offering step-by-step code execution, breakpoints, watches, a call stack, and a mechanism for evaluation of variables.

Compatibility with different MySQL server versions

The major advantage of dbForge Studio is its rich compatibility, which includes all MySQL and MariaDB server versions, Percona PAM Authentication, Sphinx Search Engine, and other most popular MySQL-compatible cloud databases, storage services and search engines.

Responsive customer support and effortless product updates

Finally, it is worth noting that the Devart support is always ready to provide consultations on all dbForge products and guide you through licensing, purchasing, installation and updates. They are ready to answer virtually any question you might have.

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