How Western Cooperative Electric doubled the coding speed with dbForge Studio for SQL Server

Western Cooperative Electric

About the customer

Western Cooperative Electric is a medium-sized distribution cooperative that provides power in Western Kansas. The company utilizes different technologies to lower costs and improve reliability. Data comes from countless sensors, including AMI meters, GIS systems, and their Customer Information Systems. To manage this data, Western Cooperative Electric relies on data management and demands powerful and user-friendly software to manage and access database servers.

Challenges faced

One of the primary challenges Western Cooperative Electric has faced was the necessity to process large amounts of data from numerous sources. In particular, the team needed to consolidate 15-minutes interval read data for 12,000 electric meters for a period of 3 years. This consolidation was necessary to build a model to compare the current billing structure for electric usage to the rates implemented after a Cost of Service Study. The primary needs were:

Explore the imported database structure and find any needed element quickly
Export the data to the required format quickly and easily
Organize and structurize the code into a comprehensive and searchable database document

The default SQL Server Management Studio and VS Code did not satisfy the experts’ requirements. Western Cooperative Electric needed a more powerful, flexible, and inclusive tool to provide all the necessary functionality. After searching on the Web, the team chose dbForge Studio for SQL Server for its code completion features, database documentation module, and robust database search capabilities.

"I use Studio for everything from one-off simple queries to digging deeper into issues ... as well as for investigating databases we inherited to extract data we need and organize it in a meaningful manner for CFO, GM, and our board members."
Craig Cramer
Manager of Information Systems

Results achieved

SQL coding speed

dbForge Studio for SQL Server has proven to be the most efficient solution to resolve all the tasks set by the company with its convenient and user-friendly interface for SQL coding, auto-completion feature, and the possibility to execute queries against the existing databases.

The team uses this IDE to create complex database models for any scenario. It allows composing any SQL query, from the simplest to the most complex stored procedures. The data is processed to provide meaningful calculations to the managers.

It is more than just a database-centric solution for coding tasks. dbForge Studio for SQL Server has other tools that helped the developers speed up coding on the fly. It improves productivity and allows the developers to focus on other projects. Without dbForge Studio for SQL Server, the developers had to build large models in Excel and SSMS. Now, the company is able to significantly shorten the time to create such models.

Key features Craig is excited about

Exporting to various formats

dbForge Studio for SQL Server can export the data to 9 different formats, accurately and consistently.

Code auto-completion

Suggestions and IntelliSense-like functionality saved effort and made the end result much neater. The code-writing assistance in the Studio proved to be superior to in Visual Studio for SQL coding.


The ease of creating comprehensive documentation for large database schemas turned out to be a huge time-saver. There is no need to spend hours trying to find out what changes were made in a database several years ago.

dbForge Studio for SQL Server

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